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7 Essential Points To Grow Your Small Business Quickly

It takes great effort and a lot of time to build a successful business from scratch. Many people go into business with the mindset of making quick money, but they find out the hard way; that is never the case. To grow your small business quickly, you need to have immense willpower and equip yourself with the right tools. The world is moving fast, and you have to choose to either move with it or stay behind. 

Seven Tips To Quickly Grow your Business

While this might sound like a shortcut, it is no shortcut because growth doesn’t happen suddenly. We would only give you tips that will help you survive the business world and stimulate your success.

According to recent studies, 21.5% of startups fail within the first year because many small business owners lack the right tools to scale a business. If you don’t want your business to fail, here are ways to save and grow your business, and you can also seek advice from the experts at ThinkSME:

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1. The power of starting with why

You must have heard the popular term ‘start with why?’, right? Well, that is one important term to take note of as a business owner. Before you start, you must know your ‘why?’. When you experience setbacks, the only thing you will have to hold on to is your ‘why?’. Your why determines your how and what, which is not the case in many businesses today. Many companies start with what. They know what they do, like the back of their hands but can’t tell you why they started, or they forget and ignore it. Your why will help you and your staff pull through tough times. The first and foremost thing to do is to get your purpose right, and success awaits you.

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2. Get your business to the right team

A wise man once said it is not wise to do it all by yourself. You can’t call a business managed by one person a business; that is the truth. You would need to outsource for talents. You might not be a great salesman, which is the most critical skill necessary to run a business. So should you quit being a business owner because you are not equipped with the right talent? It would be best to consider getting a team of people who are good in the areas you lack. At the very beginning, your group must include a sales and marketing department; you could hire Salesforce Consulting Companies for this. You would also need a production/service department, customer service department, and a manager. 

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3. Build a sustainable plan

To grow your business, you need a plan; otherwise, you would be pouring water into a basket. You will put too much effort only for your business to not experience little growth. You will experience a significant amount of success when your team believes in your vision as you do, and together, you build a SMART plan around it. Your plan includes what your customer sees and what they don’t. Your plan won’t only be about sales; you should also decide whether your business would be customer-centric or product-centric. 

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4. Build a sales funnel

If you don’t have one as a business, we don’t know what to tell you. Nevertheless, it is never too late to create one. Building a sales funnel takes a great deal of research. You should identify your competitors; you should know whether your market is crowded or not; you should carry out a SWOT analysis on your already existing business, determine how your customer would find you and what your marketing plan is at each stage of the funnel.

5. Be different

Have you ever heard of ‘the purple cow strategy’? The only way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is if you become the ‘purple cow.’ When your business has its identity and isn’t doing what everyone else is doing, people tend to identify you as a brand and remember you faster, making buying decisions easier.

6. Consistency

Showing up even on days when you feel like shit is one of the most significant characteristics of a business owner. You have to continue even when you don’t feel like it because the world doesn’t care; they only care what you have to offer them.

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7. Create the most irresistible offer and give the most value

If you want to scale up like crazy, create an offer that will make anyone think, ‘if I don’t take this offer, I am losing on a huge deal.’ Create offers that make people choose you first. Also, ensure that you give value to your audience to position yourself as an expert in your industry.


We identified seven points to note if you would like to push your business to greater heights quickly. Which of the points would you take more seriously in the future? Share your thoughts about the article!

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