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7 Easy Vape Tips And Tricks Every Beginner Should Know


Most vape tricks are easy to learn, and therefore there is a need to familiarise oneself with them.

Before we talk about vaping tricks, we must have the right equipment. It would be best if you had an excellent vape pod or a vape mod, and you will quickly get one at the next day vape shop.

It is also essential to have high-quality vape juice. You will need it because you will most likely inhale a lot when practicing.

 The following are the Seven Simple Vape Tips and Tricks for Beginners

1. Ghost

When discussing the simple vape tricks that almost every new vaper can master quickly, ghost inhale is the first one that comes into many people’s minds. It involves blowing out a cloud of smoke and then inhaling back in.

To succeed in this simple trick, you will need to take a big pull from the vape and hold it into the mouth without inhaling. After sitting for some seconds, consider pushing it out slowly while keeping it in the shape of a ball. Then hurriedly pull it back in.

2. Dragon

There are times you feel like impressing your friends, and Dragon is the best trick to learn. It looks tricky, but it’s straightforward. The trick here is blowing a giant vape cloud out from your noses and also your mouth corners.

 Start your process by taking a big hit and make sure you do not inhale it. Once you have filled your mouth with vapor, pinch the middle part of your lips and then push a cloud through the sides of the mouth and the nose at the same time.

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3. French Inhale

Many inhalers would refer to French Inhale as Irish Waterfall because of its upside-down waterfall looks. It starts as a ghost inhale, but the vapor is pulled back through the nose instead of the mouth that pulled out the cloud. 

You can apply this trick at a party or any social gathering.

 4. Liquid Mist

Liquid Mist is one of the best vaping tricks for most beginners. When one wants to draw some attention from friends while in a club or a party, Liquid Mist is the best. When you succeed in doing it right, you will make your drinks resemble a magic potion.

You can use any glass to inhale, but it will work best with cold drinks put in a glass that has a wide diameter.

 When the cold drink is halfway gone, prepare your mouth for a big rip from the vape, then touch the lips to the edge of a glass as if you want to drink from it. Slowly exhale all the vapor. If you do it right, it will magically float at the top of the drink.

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5. Blowing Os

Blowing Os requires some practice. The trick has been included in the beginner’s list because it acts as a basis for more advanced tricks. After mastering the basic tricks, you can now practice this one.

You will need to take a small-sized inhale and then hold all the vapor in the throat without swallowing. Rest your tongue at the base of the mouth and then push the tongue’s back towards the throat where you are holding the vapor. Pull your lips around the teeth while turning them into an “o” letter shape.

Do not push the lips out as if you are kissing someone. Instead, you can keep them pulled in. Finally, push the vapor out from the throat by making a coughing gesture in your throat. When you change your mouth’s shape while exhaling, you will also realize some changes in the ring’s shape and size.

 6. Tornado

Tornado is just another famous trick that is worth trying. It involves whipping a flat pool of vapor on flat surfaces to spins up into a tornado shape. The process is incredible and also an excellent skill to learn.

Go to a flat place and make sure that there is nothing on it. New beginners are advised to use a paper towel roll to help them suitably breathe the roll. Most advanced users can breathe the entire smoke easily and slow on the table so that vapor does not scatter.

The more vapor inhaled, the better. Then breathe it out on a table. You can complete the step in two ways:

  1. Separating the ring and pinky fingers from other fingers and then placing them on the table.
  2. Put all the fingers together and then insert the hand into the vapor.

Whichever way you chose to follow, the chances are that you will get the same results when you do it the right way.

Also, consider trying this trick in a room that has no or little wind. You can also ensure your windows are closed as you attempt the tornado trick.

7. The Bull Ring

The bull ring’s trick is producing vapor appearing in the form of rings put through the bull’s nose. It requires little guidance to perfect.

  1. Inhale as much vapor as you can into your mouth and hold it there
  2. Blow a medium-sized form of vapor ring that’s thick in size
  3. Lean forward and try to inhale them through the nose directly at the top center of your ring. That illusion will make the entire process as if there is a bull ring through the nose.

Vaping tricks and tips

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Vaping is one of the best ways to get the best experience of cannabis smoke. The process seems to be healthier than the traditional forms of smoking, and it is necessary to continue exploring new ways to become a vaping expert so that you can stand out from the vaping crowd.

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