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7 Creative iPhone Photography Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

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I consider myself an avid smartphone-based photographer, so I was genuinely surprised when I came across these previously unheard of smartphone / iPhone photography tips and tricks.

Published by COOPH, “7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks” is an outstanding three-minute video that shows creative new techniques for bypassing your phone camera’s limitations using good ol’ creativity. I have embedded the video at the end, but I’ll shortly go through some of my favorite techniques below.

Creative iPhone Photography Idea #1: Multiple Exposure through Panoramas

Smartphones are not ideal devices for multiple exposure photography, but you can get the same entertainment value by re-positioning yourself within the viewfinder as your pan your smartphone while shooting a panorama.

iphone multiple exposure photography with panorama

COOPH likes to call it the ‘Panodash’

Horizontal Panoramas of Streets

Another cool use of the panorama mode involves shooting a panorama by simply driving through a street. It results in somewhat consistent backgrounds, but parked vehicles tend to look like something from a cartoon. This is genuinely useful if you want to photograph wall art, or simply capture the atmosphere of a location.

horizontal panorama of a street

Enhanced Portraits

Smartphones are regularly used for taking selfies / portraits. You can significantly boost how your subjects look by using an aluminum car foil screen to reflect light from the sun. In bright sunlight, it may not be such a good idea to blind your friends, but it’s worth a try later in the afternoon.

 professional portraits iphone

Underwater Housing

Last but not least, I liked the Underwater Housing idea. While some latest high-end Android smartphones are water-proof, the iPhone simply isn’t. Underwater photography is impossible. However, by putting your iPhone upside down in a transparent glass, you can take adequate photos just below the surface.

underwater photos with iphone

There are four other iPhone photography tips and tricks I have no covered in writing. I found them to be relatively useless or too dangerous (water droplets on your lens?), frankly speaking.

Still, you should absolutely see the video for yourself. I have subscribed to COOPH‘s YouTube channel in hopes of learning more about how I can better use my smartphone’s diminutive camera.

While you are at it, be sure to check out this free slow-mo video app for older iPhones.

(via COOPH)

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