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7 Biggest Benefits of Using PDF Files for Business

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Portable Document Format, widely known as PDF was developed in the early 1990s. The sharing of documents between different devices or operating systems used to be quite complicated at that time. So, the primary idea was to create such a file format that would support fixed formatting.

Gradually, it has grown into one of the most popularly used file formats all over the globe. Even in the business world, PDF files can be very beneficial. From sending important memos to maintaining customer records in a consistent format, PDFs are undoubtedly the best choice. You can rest assured that the person viewing the PDF will see it exactly as you intended.

If you are still not sure about making the PDF format a part of your business operations, then these key benefits will surely change your mind.

1.    The document format is fixed

You must have faced this problem with a Microsoft Word document. When you share a Word document from one computer to another, often the formatting changes. It doesn’t stay fixed. A change in the document’s layout can cause great confusion. You may even leave a bad impression in front of clients and colleagues.

By using a PDF, you can be certain that your content will be put forward exactly the way you had laid it out. This makes the PDF an ideal file format for sharing documents that are to be printed.

2.    The format is widely used everywhere

Because the PDF file format is so good at its job, it has been commonly adopted everywhere. A PDF file is so easy to view and share that even if you have to send a document on the other side of the world, a PDF would still remain the best choice. You can open files in any format with the help of free software tools. You can stay certain that your content will be safely presented the way you had designed it.

3.    Relatively small file size

There may be other file formats with even better features, but the PDF format is also the best because of its small size. The PDF format allows you to compress a high-quality file into a file with significantly low size.

This makes a PDF the ideal choice for saving on the hard disk, especially if you have limited storage space. Moreover, by using an online pdf merger tool, you can combine many pdf files into one and save some more space for your other tasks.

4.    Password-protected files

In your business, it may happen that you need to deal with a customer’s sensitive information. Again, using a PDF would be the perfect call for handling such confidential information. A PDF can be secured with a password. You share the password with only those who are authorized to view the information. This means that you would not have to worry about snoopers.

5.    Works on any operating system

A PDF file can be used on any operating system. When you share a PDF, you don’t need to worry about whether the viewer will use iOS or Mac or some other operating system. A PDF file is universally accepted, so there is no chance that the receiver won’t be able to view it.

6.    Easy integration of non-text elements

From text to hyperlinks, from images to graphics, a variety of non-text elements can be included in a PDF. Images and graphics make your document visually more pleasing. Links integrated with the document open in the viewer’s web browser and impart a professional aspect to your document.

7.    The PDFs are in no sense about to vanish

It’s true that technology changes rapidly, but PDFs are not likely to go away soon. The format is so widely used in the present that it would require a major shift in computing for everyone to accept a different technology. PDF software can prove to be an excellent investment for your business in the long haul.

Now that you know the benefits of using PDFs for business, you need efficient technology to support your work.

How can ViewPDF help?

ViewPDF is an online pdf converter. It also has a Chrome extension that lets you view PDF files and work on them. It is a two-way converter that enables you to convert various file formats to and from PDF easily. It supports PDF, DOC, TXT, XLS, PPT, JPG, TIFF, and many more files.

Along with viewing and converting files, ViewPDF also enables enhanced web search. It can be an excellent alternative for your default search provider.

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