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7 Big Problems Faced By Recruiters In Business Organizations


It might look like recruiters have the best job in the world!

Like they hire people! &

They Fire People!

What could be better than that, right?

However, someone just looking at the job from an outside perspective might not know the serious problems they face.

Nevertheless, it is difficult, and a company depends on them.

One wrong move and suddenly a human asset becomes a liability, whom the company is paying!

This is why they need to be very careful.

If you are someone new to the HR department and wish to be all prepared before you step into the hustle, you have reached the right place.

In this article below, we will be discussing,

– Why is being a recruiter not easy?


– What are the different problems you might face as a recruiter in a business organization?

It is only through understanding the problems that you can solve them.

So let’s be prepared!

Why Being A Recruiter Is Not Easy?

No job is too easy, but offering someone else a job has its perks. However, it is not as peachy-keen as it might look.

Don’t get us wrong!

It is a very fulfilling career option. But, unlike any other career, there are challenges, you should know them.

So, here is why,

If you are in need of professional assistance, SuccessHR recruitment agency can be the right choice.

  • Most of the days, you will feel like a personal therapist because everyone you recruit is coming to you with their problems.
  • You are the neutral peacemaker, and nobody’s really there to hear your problems. Therefore, you cannot have an HR for an HR.
  • Sometimes you will doubt your own hiring, especially when it comes to businesses where there are a plethora of roles.
  • Everyone will think that your work is easy, and you just have to deal with it.

Seven Big Problems Faced By Recruiters

We have collected valuable feedback from HR executives in business organizations, and this is what they have to say.

1. Too Many Candidates At Once

The market is ever-growing, and so is the need for jobs. At one point, as a recruiter, you might have to go through thousands of CVs just for two positions.

Yes, you can just see the first ten and call it a day.

However, what if the right one you were looking for is the eleventh.

2. You Are Losing Good Candidates To Other Jobs

If a candidate is applying for your job, they are also applying for fifty others. Therefore, you are not their first option.

Let’s say the candidate is perfect; there is a possibility that you might lose to their competitors because they didn’t have a good interview experience.

3. Confused Between Number & Experience

Oftentimes you need more manpower for the business!

But, do you get a bunch of freshers who have no experience and train them, or just get two highly experienced candidates.

Since there are pros and cons to both, confusion is inevitable.

4. Candidates Lying About Their Skills

Yes, people do lie in their CVs.

But, there are candidates who will sit in front of you and lie about their skills with a straight face.

If you are not careful, you now have a liability in your hand.

5. You Are Not Able To Answer Every Query

You are a recruiter!

So, you might not have the technical knowledge about the business.

If a candidate asks you a very technical question and you are not able to answer it, this might put a bad impression on you and the company.

6. Lack Of Business Branding

Yes, you can reach out to candidates with your contacts, but that doesn’t guarantee recruitment.

If the business you are representing has bad branding, candidates might not be very keen on working with a company of which they haven’t even heard the name.

7. There Isn’t Enough Time

Coming back to the first point, when there are so many candidates submitting their CVs and emailing you, even 24 hours is not enough.

You might miss out on people with excellent skills because you were a little too late to call them.

Hiring Is Tough!

People say firing someone is tough! Probably because they haven’t experienced the turmoil of hiring someone, so, if you own a business with not much hiring skills, don’t be reluctant to take the right help.

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