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7 Benefits Of Displaying User-Generated Content During Any Live Event 

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User-generated content has become every event marketer’s go-to stop to engage the audience. 93% of marketers agree that content created by consumers performed better than branded content. 

This stat is just one of the multiple statistics that signifies how crucial UGC has become in today’s marketing world. These statistics are complemented by the benefits that it brings along. 

These benefits are endless, but we have selected the top 7 that is a dream of every event marketer. So, without further adieu, let’s get straight onto them. But, wait! Let us give you an idea about user-generated content (UGC) first. 

What is user-generated content?

User-generated content (UGC) or user-created content is social content created by people on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., in texts, photos, and videos. 

This social content is created around a specific hashtag of a brand or event so that one can use it in an aggregated form to create an engaging real-time social wall. 

UGC is a trustworthy and authentic form of content created online that connects instantly with consumers because consumers like them made it.

7 Benefits of displaying UGC during any live event

Let’s dive into the top 7 benefits that a display of UGC during any live event would reap for you.

User-Engagement And Social Buzz

You can create a social wall of the most amazing user-generated content and display it at your event. On your UGC social wall, your audience can even contribute and post their photos or experiences. Sharing live UGC will make your audience feel like they’re a part of the event, regardless of their location.

These event activities will generate engagement on social media and inspire conversations among your audience.

Creates A Sense Of Trust

More than 90% of customers read reviews from other customers. Therefore, event branding is critical for establishing trust and authenticity since people fear trying new things. An increase in the ROI of your hybrid event is an added advantage.

However, you can gain their trust by demonstrating what previous customers have said about your brand. UGC will assist you in attaining your audience’s confidence. It is the most effective social proof for hybrid event marketing. UGC will also help you increase your brand’s positioning and market presence.

Brand Advocacy

As a marketing tool, UGC has the potential to turn customers into brand advocates who are loyal and active. These users not only refill the same brand, but they also encourage others to do so.

Interact with your community to start a movement with your brand. Encourage pleased clients to try new things by commenting and retweeting their posts.

Turn their campaigns into weekly or monthly contests with unique hashtags to take it to the next level. The larger your advocacy community, the more likely users will become aware of your brand.

Increases Conversion Rates

Websites with UGC have a conversion rate of 50%, which is significantly higher than the projected conversion rate. You can get more people to attend your hybrid event if you have the trust of your audience. Your audience is more interested to buy from you if they believe in your brand. You can sell more of your products and services during and after your hybrid event.

Include user-generated content in your event’s marketing campaign. Anyone who sees your UGC-based marketing content will be more inclined to attend your event or purchase from you since they know others have already trusted your company.

Reduces Marketing Cost

User-generated content is free content for your brand because it requires no investment. This would save a huge chunk of your marketing cost. As a result, leveraging UGC to promote your hybrid event will lower your marketing costs. Managing user-generated content and distributing it across other platforms is also reasonably affordable, and all you need is a UGC platform.

Even after your hybrid event, you can utilize UGC to promote your business on many platforms such as social media, your website, email marketing, and eCommerce pages.

Authentic And Unique Content

User-generated content is a data mine that is frequently overlooked. However, analyzing the content that your audience shares can reveal important information. This allows you to understand better your target audience and what they find interesting. These insights help create leads and enhance sales when combined with the concepts of a data-driven content marketing strategy.

Simplifies Purchasing Decisions

Since user-generated content has a stamp of credibility given by previous customers, it becomes relatively easy for customers to buy a product. Then, based on the reviews and feedback, new customers can decide quickly about purchasing a specific product. 

Wrapping Up

User-generated content is a fantastic way of achieving brilliant results if you are associated with a brand or business. User-generated content is the present and future of online marketing, and you should get on the gravy train. A social media wall will help you out in your pursuit, and Taggbox helps you create the best Social media wall. Given the personalization, moderation, and customization features that Taggbox carries, it is the leading user-generated content platform and social media aggregator tool at the moment. 

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