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6 Weighty Reasons To Visit a Car Service Before Winter

Car in Snowy Winter Day

Even though some people consider winter as the most wonderful time of the year, it can significantly complicate the life of car drivers. Reagents, temperature changes, severe frosts, as well as snow and ice on the roads can lead to various malfunctions and damage to the car. 

This means that the car should be prepared for winter. Even if you think that your car is in perfect condition, it is essential to check it thoroughly to avoid possible complications. There are lots of repair shops out there like Elite Campbell that will accommodate all of your auto body repair needs.

In this article, we have gathered six weighty reasons to visit a car service before winter.

1. Check or change the battery

If you have noticed that the battery in your car had some malfunctions in the summer, then be sure that it can bring a lot of unpleasant surprises in the winter. Then the temperature becomes low, it can be difficult to start the car. Additionally, it can be even impossible to start a car in frosty weather. That’s why you need to change the old battery before or at the beginning of the winter.

2. Change oil

Long ago, drivers were forced to fill the engines of their cars with the so-called summer oil and change it to winter oil in the fall. Fortunately, modern lubricants can operate at virtually any temperature. But if you have noticed that the oil needs to be changed soon, then it is better to do this before the real frosty winter comes. After all, the “cold” start of the engine is the very moment when the engine works in the limit modes and this is where fresh oil will help it.

3. Inspect the body

If chips or scratches have appeared on the body during the spring and summer, then it is better to take care of them before winter. After all, road services will spray the streets with harmful reagents all winter, which destroy not only shoes but also harm the metal from which the car is made. 

Even though many people prefer to remove such flaws on their own, it is better to visit an auto body repair shop to avoid unpleasant consequences. If necessary, you can also treat the weakest points (bottom, wheel arch liners, etc) with special fluids that will help protect them from rust and other damages.

4. Treat doors, locks, and glass

Rubber seals should be treated with silicone grease, which will prevent the doors from freezing. Additionally, you shouldn’t forget about the locks. Otherwise, you may not be able to get into the car when cold weather strikes.

5. Change the windshield wipers

If the wiper blades are worn out and leave streaks even in summer, they should be replaced as soon as possible. You should understand those bad wipers can not only impair visibility but also spoil the glass. In addition, you can ask the service technicians to clean the inside of the windshield. This will not only improve your visibility but also prevent excessive fogging. You can check out this helpful guide from Easycompare which provides tips on how to extend the life of your windshield wipers.

6. Change tires

If you haven’t changed your tires yet, it is essential to do this before winter. Remember to check your tire pressure regularly (not just when you change them). The reality is that the pressure in the tires can decrease by 10-15% of the norm in severely cold weather. As a result, tires start to wear out faster, handling deteriorates, and fuel consumption increases as well. Tyres Gatton can help with all your tire needs.

The bottom line

If you want to keep your car safe, it is essential to pay sufficient attention to its condition. You should also know that many car malfunctions can develop without any obvious signs. That’s why it is important to visit a car service regularly.

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