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6 Ways on How to Make Your Food Delivery Business More Accessible

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Are you starting a food business? Do you wish to make it more accessible? You should know the tips needed to accomplish this task. Apart from deciding what type of food you want to serve—from Chinese to Vietnamese cuisines to Tex-Mex fusion cuisine—you should also know where to make the meals. For this, you may contact commercial kitchen companies and hire a kitchen with all the necessary cooking equipment. The next step is to figure out how to make your restaurant or food delivery service more accessible to local clients.

1. Cater to a Specific Demographic

Decide which demographic or market you want to work with in order to make your business more efficient at marketing, advertising, and menu preparation. What’s the potential client base for Vietnamese food, for example? Asians? The Vietnamese?

College students, who want to try something new? Drive around the area you’re catering to and observe your competition. Maybe you’re instead dealing with upscale townhouse residents. Perhaps you’re dealing with a family audience, following that line of thought.

2. Map Out The Delivery Area

To make it easier for your target customers to get deliveries from your restaurant, you should map out the delivery area you wish to serve. Clients typically expect food delivery to happen within 15-30 minutes.

There might be a maximum allotment of 45-60 minutes in far-off areas. If an area is too far, some restaurants can allow delivery if a minimum amount is met (like, for example, a $20 to $50 minimum). However, it’s best to only cater to reasonably sized delivery area.

3. Discuss Delivery Partnerships

Discuss delivery partnerships with restaurant managers if you’re the delivery service. Begin small-time by picking 2-3 local restaurants to appeal to your audience. Startups with one restaurant will typically only cater to a neighborhood or two, maybe a college campus and the like.

When meeting with managers, explain to them you’re starting a food delivery business to a lucrative audience. If you’re instead the restaurant manager, you should cooperate with a delivery service that won’t take money from you but instead establish a mutually profitable partnership.

4. Set a Reasonable Commission

If you’re the delivery service, you should set a reasonable commission to receive on every order that’s delivered. You make money by being the delivery company for different restaurants, in other words. Every manager should be sat down and get a commission hashed out.

If you’re the manager of the restaurant, you should look for a delivery service with a reasonable commission or have a flat-rate delivery fee when push comes to shove. You need to make money from the food delivered itself, after all.

5. Choose a Flat-Rate Delivery Fee

Managers should decide a flat-rate delivery rate to charge all customers on all orders when push comes to shove. Customers love that. They don’t want to charge extra for more food delivered as much as possible.

The flat delivery rate should include the fees of the drivers or the delivery company in question. The restaurant owners should decide the lowest possible dollar amount so as not to deter customers from ordering their food. It might be set around $5 to $7 as a starting point.

6. Hire The Right Delivery Drivers

The backbone of food delivery will naturally rest on the drivers. They’re each individual vertebrae, in fact. Sure, it’s also important that those taking the orders will make sure the right orders are placed every time so that the driver won’t have to go back to get forgotten change or food items.

When interviewing prospective drivers, make sure they have their own legal driver’s license and car or motorcycle. Bigger delivery and food companies have vehicles of their own, but most startups depend on the driver having the vehicle.

When it comes to making your food and restaurant more accessible to your customers, you should view things from their perspective, especially if you’re a delivery type of chain. When it comes to delivering food to their doorstep, you should advertise a memorable number for them to call.

You should also hire the right delivery drivers to get their food on time without sacrificing the integrity or hotness of said food. At any rate, learn more about Vietnamese food delivery here.

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