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6 Ways Mobile Printing Will Enhance Your Office

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When most people think about business printing, they picture desktops and laptops on desks sending documents to large, shared printers. While this is a common printing workflow, it isn’t the only option. You could incorporate mobile printing into your office. By adding native Android and iOS printing support, you could truly enhance your office. These are some of the benefits.

1) Greater Flexibility

Perhaps the most noticeable advantage of mobile printing is that you can enjoy a more flexible workflow. For example, if you wanted to print out a document during a meeting but didn’t have a laptop with you, mobile printing would let you print right from a mobile device. The same applies if you realize you forgot to print out a document at the end of the day. No need to return to your desk, just print from your phone.

If you are like most people, you have probably walked to the printer to pick up a document and realized you forgot to print a second file. Mobile printing can solve this too.

2) Increased Productivity

There are numerous ways that you can enhance your productivity through mobile printing. People like using touchscreen devices. Whether they want to use their smartphones for work or have tablets, mobile printing makes staying productive with alternative devices easier. They can use the devices they prefer. That option is always a good path to productive work.

It also helps to eliminate the age-old problem of getting to the printer and realizing you never hit print. Simply pull the document up on a mobile device and print directly. That means less time lost to common printing hiccups.

3) Simpler Workflows

In a similar vein, workflows become a lot simpler with mobile printing. Again, many people like using mobile and touchscreen devices. This means that they don’t have to send files to their laptops and desktops just to print them. Instead, they can continue that workflow directly from their mobile devices.

Furthermore, you can implement a bring-your-own-device policy. Today, many people prefer to use their favorite mobile devices rather than company-issued technology only. Mobile printing makes this easier.

4) Reduced Costs

Overprinting is a common mistake associated with printing from a computer then walking over to pick up the document. People accidentally double print things, they print the wrong thing and they use up printing resources. Mobile printing helps to eliminate this by letting people print while they are next to the printer.

Even small savings can become significant when multiplied by the full size of your team. The wear and tear reduction on printers is also notable. Furthermore, enabling easier use of mobile devices means that people print fewer documents because can have files on hand without printing.

5) Off-Network Printing

Many mobile printing solutions allow off-network printing. This means that people can remotely print their documents even when they are outside of this office. In some workflows, this option can be very helpful.

For example, if you are a contractor who creates invoices while working then mails them out, you could print them immediately instead of waiting to get back to the office. This means that you are less likely to forget to print any invoices. That sort of optimization is beneficial in any business.

6) Options for Guests and Customers

Due to their inherent wireless setups, mobile printing solutions can enable easier guest printing options. If you have a client visiting your office, you can let them print with significantly less fuss than would normally be needed. You can designate certain printers for customers to use. While this is not relevant for every business, it can be a nice perk to offer your guests.

Get Started

To harness the above benefits and more, you will need a great mobile printing solution. Fortunately, switching to mobile printing can be easier with the right provider. Additionally, it can fit smoothly into many modern office workflows.

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