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6 Ways a Dirty House Affects Your Wellbeing

Cleaning House

Piles of dirty clothes stacked up high, several weeks’ worth of dishes in the sink, wet towels all over the bathroom floor, closets in chaos, too much junk cluttered in the garage, and an overwhelming amount of unused items all-round the house. Does this sound familiar? If yes, then your home needs a really good cleaning. A dirty house filled with clutter and messiness can be harmful to your well-being. Several studies continue to provide evidence supporting the correlation between a dirty house and physical and mental health. We have compiled six ways on how a dirty house negatively affects your well-being, along with solutions to each one of them.

Mental Clutter

While our brains may perhaps be the most complex structures capable of doing amazing things, they also get quite easily overwhelmed. If you find yourself struggling to focus on school or office work, look at your workspace. Are you cluttering your environment with items that have nothing to do with the task at hand? The chances are that the unopened letters, piles of paperwork, overflowing waste bin, and other irrelevant objects make it difficult for you to focus on your work. In addition to cluttering your space, things like unopened letters and paperwork serve as a visual cue, constantly reminding you of things you have been postponing. 

So make sure to file away any pending paperwork, open those letters, and empty your waste bin. If your workstation is filled with knick-knacks that compete for your attention with your work, then maybe it’s time to decide what to discard.

Quality of Sleep

How often do you wash your sheets? How often do you change your bedding and clean your mattress? When we sleep at night, sweat, dead skin cells, and skin oils rub off on our bending and are left behind. They can impact the quality of your sleep by triggering allergies, asthma attacks, or even illness. 

To prevent this from happening, create a rotating plan or a checklist that includes washing your bedding, sheets, pillows, mattress covers, and curtains to ensure that you wash them at regular intervals.


Anxiousness and feeling overwhelmed can quickly become real problems when you try to get ready for your day, and you can’t quite seem to find what you are looking for. Being organized gives you more ease when performing tasks like laundry, cooking, home repair, or even locating your desired outfit for the day. 

Start with the areas that you mostly use and place an organizational system that is easy to use. This could entail anything from a coat and shoe rack, a bookshelf, or marked bins to hold your loose items.

Quality of Air

When you do not regularly dust, sweep or vacuum your home, you may be at risk of contracting respiratory allergies or illnesses due to poor air quality. This is because your dusty house directly contributes to the deterioration of air quality in your home environment. Bacteria, pet dander, airborne pathogens, and mold can cause you and everyone in your household to contract breathing difficulties and diseases.

Vacuum and clean your air ducts regularly. Ensure to use eco-friendly cleaning equipment and a vacuum in good condition to prevent further air contamination.

Cross Contamination 

Cross-contamination occurs when bacteria are transferred from one place to another. The bathroom and the kitchen are the greatest culprits of bacteria like streptococcus and E. coli. Cross-contamination can easily happen in a dirty home, causing severe gastrointestinal problems.

Not cleaning the bathroom and not flushing the toilet can cause disease to spread through doorknobs, sink handles, and more.

Disinfect and clean bathrooms and kitchen surfaces to curb cross-contamination and spread of disease in your home.

Tripping Hazards 

Tripping hazards are not things that only the elderly with high vulnerability to broken hips and bones should be concerned about. Falling is dangerous for people of all ages. If you keep a cluttered home with numerous tripping hazards, you could fall and hit your head or fall onto an object that could puncture or impale you. Ensure to keep an organized house and keep your items away from walking paths.

There is nothing more important than your overall well-being. A clean home will greatly reduce anxiety and overwhelm, prevent respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases, and prevent you from falling and hurting yourself. It will also improve your focus and increase your productivity as you work or do house chores. If cleaning yourself is proving to be a challenge, it might be worth seeking help from professionals.

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