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6 Types of Videos That Your Business Must Use in 2020

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More than fifty percent of all marketers around the world say that videos are the most powerful tools for promoting products and services. Because of this, your business must be on par with the competitors who are using videos. Learn more about promo video maker.

However, it’s not enough to use videos. Instead, you have to select a particular type of video. Otherwise, your business would not enjoy the same benefits that you see the competition singing about from the rooftops. Here are the must-use kinds of videos in 2020. 

Product Videos

Some products or services are impossible to explain succinctly. In this case, you would need product videos. Through such videos, you should be able to talk about the features and benefits of your product or service. Don’t forget to show the audience how the product works. 

Explainer Videos

These videos tend to be more educational. Usually, they are for teaching your target audience how to solve a specific problem that they face. You are free to go with a unique angle for this type of video. The explainer video could talk about: 

  • Problems customers encounter when using your product
  • A more tangential issue

Testimonial Videos

Humans tend to use products and services that other people have already sampled. For this reason, your business needs as many testimonial videos as possible. Before posting them, you should ascertain that the testimonies are genuine, honest, and sincere. 

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos invite your target audience to sample your products. They are ideal for pitching your clients to do something that you have asked of them. You will reap numerous benefits by using these videos too: 

  • Invite guests to an upcoming event
  • Encourage them to sign up for the forthcoming webinar
  • Welcome them to show up for your organization’s open day/office

Company Culture Videos

Many times, clients buy from businesses they consider trustworthy. Your business should focus on presenting a human face to all customers. Company culture videos offer you a chance to do that. They are fun because you can make them about anything, anyone, and everything!

Brand Videos

Lastly, and just as importantly, your business will need plenty of brand videos in 2020. Use these videos to introduce yourself, the brand, and your products to the world. Make your video as unique as possible. For example, you could use animation to make it stand out from the rest!

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