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6 Types of Remote Writing Job Roles That Are Trending Now

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As a freelance writer, it is essential to understand the different types of remote writing jobs that are out there. Using the proper terminology can help you to land the jobs you’re looking for, but if you use the wrong words, it can cost you work just as quickly. Taking the time to understand what these jobs are will help you propose or bid to get the jobs you need.

Before I list the types of content writing jobs I most commonly see, it is essential to note that the definitions I am using are only sometimes accepted. For example, some people use the term article to describe just about any content they purchase. Whereas, others will use it as one definite type of content.

Anyway, each job listed below is easy to get into. You do have to learn the necessary skills, but you will never have to overcome the challenges academic writers face. Unless you’re willing to work for, you don’t need a university degree and deep niche knowledge to earn decent money. Are you excited? Then keep reading!

6 Types of Remote Writing Job Roles That Are Trending Now

1. Copywriting

Copywriting is a trendy field because it is the kind of work that will always be in demand by companies that need to sell products so if you know that you can write well, you can make money with this talent, and the best is that you do not need to be at work, is very simple and you can at home, or where you want.

The network markets for freelance copywriters are numerous; you can work writing sales letters, books, newspapers, magazines, online publications, websites, marketing publications, etc. There are thousands of opportunities, unlike other markets. Online copywriters need to be familiar with electronic publishing software and web technology.

Now you have some ideas about freelance copywriting jobs, but there are in the copywriting market many more possibilities. Many companies invest in whole departments dedicated to doing copywriting tasks. So if you are interested in a part-time or full-time copywriter job, you can find a job quickly.

2. Medical Writing

A medical writing is a document created by a medical writer which shows the workings of a doctor or a scientist. It is required to show research results, product use, and certain medical information. A medical writer works with doctors and scientists to understand their working process so it can be effectively documented. This writing is necessary in the pharmaceutical world as complex drugs are constantly being created. To be approved, this writing has to be read by science professionals. It has to show all the required information and be well-structured and easy to understand.

Medical writing jobs are a good alternative for professionals seeking non-clinical work in healthcare. This writing spans general medical topics, regulatory issues, and medical research. Medical writing is found in various media, including healthcare websites, marketing, product packaging, and medical textbooks.

3. Ghostwriting

It is very easy to learn if you have never heard of ghostwriting. Ghostwriting usually is written and submitted online. There is a lot of work online for ghostwriting jobs. It is a great career field to get into. But what is the actual definition of ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting means a person is hired to write an article, blog, eBook, report, or anything else for an individual or company. That individual or company will take credit one hundred percent for the written work. The person’s name will never be mentioned at all.

4. Blog Content Writing

Content writing is a perfect way for good writers to make money. This type of writing fills websites and blogs on the web today. Many website owners hire writers to produce content for their sites, article directories, and more. If you are interested in writing content, you may wonder where to find online content writing jobs.

Blog content writing is sharing your knowledge, ideas, and questions with others. You can use blogs to write about specific topics and incorporate hyperlinks back to your website or affiliate links. If you need more confidence in writing blog content, you can outsource your blog writing jobs to a content writer, or with the technology available today, you can even get some help to write your content using AI! Good content writing services can provide you with regular, keyword-targeted content that you can publish on your blog to build readership and traffic.

5. Product Descriptions

It is another type of remote work. For example, with product description writing, the writer will take all the facts and names given by the company and turn them into something that will help persuade the consumer to purchase that particular item. Generally, a good writer will include all pertinent technical information, sizes, colors, etc., along with a general description that will help to liven up the shopping experience.

One of the things to remember, however, is as with anything else in this world. There are good quality descriptions and poor descriptions. A good writer knows how to combine the technical with the theatrical in writing. While a good writer will focus too hard on one or the other, both can be highly beneficial. So, it is easier to find a product description writer who has the best of both worlds and will follow instructions to the letter.

6. Copyediting

Copyediting and proofreading pay very well if you’re good at what you do and have adequate experience. Copyediting jobs may seem like they are hard to find, but really you can find them, and you can do so with many of the qualifications you already have. But, if you do not have any capabilities, this may be the first step in finding the copy editing job you have been looking for.


Many people out of work are looking for writing jobs and finding that remote writing jobs are available. You can write an article from home and get paid with remote writing jobs. You can pick a topic you feel comfortable writing about and make money. These jobs require you to have access to a computer with an internet connection, plus basic writing and grammar knowledge.

You can work as many or as few hours with remote writing jobs as you want. You can work from home, online, make your hours, get paid to write and pick your topics. You can be a freelance writer or article writer. You choose the one that is best for your remote writing job.

By going online, you can find a lot of templates available for preparing real pay stub. Try a couple of them and then decide on the one for your remote business.

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