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6 Truly Ethical Businesses Any Student Will Love Working For

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Today, the younger generation is all about ethics and sustainability. Millennials and Gen Z often live by the words “do no harm”. This philosophy applies to choosing a place to work as well. As a result, businesses try to become more ethical and socially responsible.

Students have to think about their careers even before graduation. If you don’t have the time for your homework assignments, you can google ‘write my essay by’ to focus on your job search! Many learners want to work for a company that cares about employees, customers, and the environment.

What Is an Ethical Business?

Before diving into the job market of ethical businesses, it is important to know what this term means. There are some characteristics that describe a company with good principles. Here is a list of them for your convenience:

  • ethical leaders;
  • loyalty for workers and clients;
  • respect for the environment and the public.

Of course, these are general points that help in telling good and bad companies apart. Some universities give case studies to their pupils to see if the organization behaves by the book. There is much more to the ethical behavior of a business than it seems!

Here is a list of 6 truly ethical companies that any student would love working for!

Impossible Foods Inc.

It is a well-known fact that a lot of climate change is related to the food industry. More and more young people become vegetarians because they worry about the planet. Impossible Foods Inc. makes meat that tastes exactly like the real thing, only it’s made for vegans.

Many students will appreciate that this company tries to reduce the carbon footprint that is connected to the food industry. Also, this business practices ethics in all departments, caring about the workers and the customers.


If you love hiking or any physical activity, then you definitely know about Patagonia. The company specializes in creating outdoor gear and clothes. But what is most interesting about Patagonia is that they are the frontrunners in environmental protection!

All clothes and gear produced by Patagonia are made from recycled materials. Also, as a creator of the Fair Labor Association, Patagonia treats all workers with dignity and respect. The company has a lot of programs and internships for students that can jump-start their careers in an ethical business world!

Ben & Jerry’s

Everybody loves ice cream, right? So, you must know about Ben & Jerry’s delicious products. Well, good news! This ice cream is not only yummy but also totally sustainable and guilt-free.

This business makes a point of creating products that are eco-friendly and GMO-free. Also, Ben & Jerry’s has long been an advocate for human rights. The company supports the fight for equality, fair trade, and environmental sustainability.


TOMS is famous for its shoes, but it also sells other products, including clothes and even coffee. The famous business model of this organization is that it donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every purchase of its products.

This company is also open about its corporate policies and the supply chain in general. Any student is welcome to become a part of a modern sustainable organization that tries to do some real good for the children in need.

Dr. Bronner’s

This is a cosmetics company that specializes in organic all-natural soaps, creams, lotions, and other stuff you might find on your bathroom shelf. The production of these cosmetics doesn’t include any synthetic materials, and all ingredients are sourced nearby.

Dr. Bonner’s sets an example of ethical behavior both in the cosmetic and business worlds. This is one of the few organizations that have a limit on how much an executive can earn so that every employee feels appreciated. It also has programs for students and other benefits, like insurance and childcare payments.

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LEGO is one of those brands that everybody knows and loves. It doesn’t matter if you are three or thirty; you will enjoy building some castles or transformers. When you buy a set of LEGO, you become a part of an ethically responsible program that reduces its carbon footprint.

This organization has factories and offices all over the world that are working day and night towards a better future. For example, the CEOs announced that they are changing their product to be biodegradable. As a student working at LEGO, you will be making the world a better place for sure!


So, how do you like this list of truly ethical businesses that support the environment and are loyal to their workers? It is very important to know that companies value people who work for them more than money.

Socially and environmentally responsible organizations are often just around the corner. It could be that the local small coffee shop is a better fit for you than a huge corporation. Be sure to do your own research and you will find your dream company for sure!

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