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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Renting a Premium Storage Unit

Storage Rental Units

When considering renting a storage unit, what comes to mind? Is it a dark, barely lit room barely secured, or is it a modern facility with premium features? There are many different kinds of storage units and amenities available. At the very least, a storage unit should be secure, safe, and free from deterioration or damage.

Lately, most companies that offer self-storage services offer premium storage services to their clients looking for more than just standard storage. The premium amenities are suitable for clients seeking high-quality and auxiliary services as part of their storage solutions. Premium storage units are primarily famous for art storage, furniture storage, expensive commodities, and inventory for businesses. Premium storage services provide an excellent option for items that require special conditions, care, and security.

If you are wondering exactly where to find storage space rental in Illinois or what even to consider before doing so, please keep on reading to find out the six things you did not know when renting a premium storage unit.

Climate Control Features

Humility and heat can easily damage furniture, wrap wood, and cause jewelry, art, and essential documents to degenerate and become less valuable or entirely useless. Heat and humidity can also seep into electronic gadgets and damage their functionality. It is for this reason that you should ensure that your premium storage facility is entirely climate-controlled. Climate-controlled storage units come in handy, especially when you intend to store valuables that may be prone to elements. Such climatic factors can also cause bacteria and mold to grow, making your property in storage potentially harmful and smelly. Find a storage unit fitted with climate control features and kept under stable temperature all year round. Climate-controlled storage units ensure that your belongings are put away in pristine condition and will be ready when you need to take them out of storage.

Power and Internet Access

Access to power and a strong internet connection are prerequisites for premium storage units. This will be particularly useful when you need to plug in a refrigerator or a freezer, use a landline or connect to the internet. With these handy amenities, you get more room for flexibility regarding what you can store and how to store it.

Alarm Systems and Additional Security Measures

Unlike standard storage units, premium storage units are more beneficial because they contain additional security aspects. While traditional storage units are alarm-equipped, premium storage units are fitted with individual alarms to add an extra layer of security to ease your mind. You should be the only individual with access to entry into your storage unit through an automated access control system. A unique code will be given to you to enable you to disable the alarm and make way to your storage unit. This is ideal when you plan to store items of value or items that are irreplaceable.

Furthermore, premium storage units are well lit to ease access to your belongings and deter theft. Ensure to find one where the light is motion sensing for extra convenience for when your hands are fully occupied, and you may not be able to switch a light on or off.

Overhead Loading Doors

Premium storage units are ideal for valuable items and heavy tools and furniture that may be hard to carry from one place to another. If this is the case for you, find a storage unit that has an overhead loading door in addition to the regular entry for ease of loading and off-loading. It will be convenient for you, and you will have a pleasant storage experience.

Ideal for Business Storage

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, you stand to benefit a lot from premium storage units. You can comfortably store critical documents inventory and also save on warehousing costs. If you are an artist, you can safely store your works of art in a premium storage unit. It will enable you to separate your home and personal space from your work.

Suitable for Vehicle Storage

Premium storage units can also be helpful when you put away a seasonal vehicle that you won’t be needing for a while. The environment that is climate controlled with a healthy beefed-up security system will store your car safely in good condition until when you need it again.

Although standard storage units may be safe, flexible, and convenient, premium storage can provide a bit more security, additional ease, and extra amenities. If you are considering storing valuable, heavy, or items with significant value or confidential documents, then a premium storage unit might suit you best compared to a standard storage unit.

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