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6 Reasons Your Company Should Switch To VoIP

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If your company still relies on traditional phone lines to make all business calls, don’t fret when clients complain that you’re outdated. Millions of businesses across the world are switching to internet phone calls. Technically, this is referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), or more casually as IP telephony.

Of course, you wouldn’t jump into something without understanding its benefits. Technological upgrades have always been known to be expensive and time-consuming. But is that the case with VoIP? You’ll find out as you go through these six reasons why your company should switch to VoIP.

1. IP Telephony Is Cheaper Than Traditional Telephony

A great percentage of landline and mobile telephone service providers usually charge you per second. The longer you talk, the more you pay. And the charges shoot through the roof when you call clients and business partners in other countries.

Now, you wouldn’t want to unnecessarily end your talks with potential customers or avoid making international calls in the name of saving money. Many VoIP solution providers charge a flat monthly rate, with which you’re able to make unlimited calls both locally and internationally. In the long run, your company will significantly reduce communication costs.

2. Switching To VoIP Requires Minimal Hardware Investment

You most probably already have a reliable internet connection for your entire business premises. All you may need when you decide to switch to VoIP is a VoIP handset. These are special phones that convert your voice into digital signals that can be conveyed across the internet and also re-convert the digital signals to analog audio on the receiver’s end.

You can also make use of VoIP using your smartphone or computer by downloading and installing your provider’s VoIP app or software that’s compatible with your device. However, note that VoIP phones have better audio quality than both handsets and computers.

3. Switching To VoIP Won’t Take Much Time

Acquiring and making a VoIP phone system for small business fully functional may take only a couple of hours. That’s a plus. Compare this with other technological upgrades like replacing outdated software and hardware. Depending on the status of IT system components, such upgrades can take you weeks, months, or even years to complete. In this process, you may have to suspend business every now and then. But switching to VoIP is nearly 100% free of disruptions.

Video Conference Call

4. VoIP Comes With Incredibly Helpful Features

One of the most amazing features of VoIP is the ability to send transcripts of voicemail messages right to your email inbox. You probably find it tasking, like most people do, to call your voicemail numbers and playback the audio from callers who couldn’t find you on the phone. With VoIP, you can choose to receive such voicemail messages on your email in written form.

Other outstanding features of VoIP include:

  • Anonymous call rejection and smart call screening to avoid spam calls
  • Business SMS texting capabilities
  • Detailed call analytics that can help track customer agent performance and client behavioral trends
  • Hot desking feature that improves flexibility
  • Three-way calling that allows three people on a single phone call instead of the usual two
  • Video conferencing feature that facilitates telecommuting and virtual meetings with clients and company staff

5. VoIP’s Hot Desking Feature Offers Great Flexibility

Perhaps your company allows different employees to use a given workspace at varying times. That’s a common trend for businesses aimed at saving costs on renting office space. With VoIP, different employees can use a single IP phone device but log in with their own credentials to use the phone like their own. As such, you don’t have to acquire a dedicated IP phone for each employee. Workers also like it when they can seamlessly operate from any desk.

In addition to that, you have the option of instructing the VoIP system to allow calls to reach you on whatever device you’re currently using, be it your personal phone, laptop, desktop computer, or desk phone. It implies that you’ll not be necessarily tied to your work desk the whole day so as not to miss important calls.

6. Your Data Is More Secure With VoIP

You’ll be shocked to learn that telephone scams rob companies worldwide of more than USD$32.7 billion every year. Hackers and robots know how to infiltrate your phone systems and make unauthorized calls. This can significantly damage your company image and generate great losses. The same can also try to steal your money and sensitive personal information.

VoIP successfully hides your data from hackers through sophisticated methods like encryption and identity management. And if there’s any security threat, a reliable VoIP vendor should automatically notify you and sort out the issue before it gets out of hand.

Switch To VoIP

While this list of VoIP benefits for your company is not exhaustive, you’ve certainly started to understand its importance. Digging deeper into VoIP reliability will further convince you to make the switch asap. It’s now or never! Move fast.

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