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6 Reasons You Should Get 5G

5G Tower

5G is an exciting new technological advancement that will provide easier and faster methods of connection across devices throughout the world. Here are six reasons you should get 5G.

1. More Robust System Frameworks

5G is not only a tool meant for mobile devices. It will be available for any devices that can leverage a mobile connection to the internet, such as smart devices and laptops. 5G allows for more robust system frameworks for your computing. It can provide the basis for flexible, powerful programs and systems, which can, in turn, improve the resiliency, performance, and scalability of your computing functions. Tools such as a 5G charging function, adaptive quota allocations, and in-memory data grids all contribute to this robust system framework.

2. Faster Mobile Speeds

The most well-known advantage of accessing 5G is how much it speeds up mobile connections. 5G has been proven to reduce latency and improve connectivity for devices using it. Compared to the 2 gigabytes per second top speed of 4G, 5G offers top speeds of nearly 4.5 gigabytes per second, over two times that of 4G. Its latency reduction is also a major connectivity improvement. 5G greatly reduces the lag time a user may experience when connecting to various websites and programs.

3. Increased Reliability

Reliability refers to the quality of the network’s signal coverage. Currently, most 4G configured devices can operate on either 4G or available 3G networks as needed, but can only operate on one network at a time. Devices configured for 5G connectivity, at least while the world transitions from 4G to 5G, will also be capable of connecting to 4G networks, with one key advantage. They will be able to connect to both networks at once, rather than only one at a time, which will reduce the occurrence of connectivity interruptions. Those interruptions tend to be common when a device switches from 4G to 3G and back.

4. More Widespread Coverage

5G will expand the availability of mobile connections in rural and other remote areas. Professionals such as field veterinarians and farmers will be able to take advantage of the longer battery life afforded by 5G coverage. 5G can also be leveraged to provide smart irrigation tools, more reliable GPS coverage, and crop security. It can also provide internet access on par with cities in rural areas for places such as schools, community centers, libraries, and medical centers.

5. Improved Sustainability Features

Not only is 5G coverage capable of improving internet connectivity, speeds, reliability, and computing power, but it can also be leveraged to improve connections between the Internet of Things (IoT), including sustainability tools and technologies. 5G can be leveraged to improve the efficiency of the use of resources such as water, electricity, and land. It can also be used to more quickly and accurately measure the quality and safety of water and air in a given area. 5G may also be a useful tool in minimizing various types of emissions, such as those from cars, and improving safety, by connecting cars to the IoT in order to reduce traffic jams and the risk of accidents.

6. More Accessible Technological and Programmatic Tools

5G’s connectivity can provide much faster and more robust computing power, which means more tools and programs can be installed on or accessed by any given device. Devices optimized for 5G connectivity may be able to access tools such as on-device AI programs and extended reality (XR) tools. Wearable technology, such as smartwatches, can use on-device AI to monitor people’s health. XR video bandwidth can greatly benefit from the faster, more reliable service offered by 5G, which reduces lag time and improves audio-visual connection. This can be beneficial to schools, medical centers, and many types of businesses.

Because 5G computing will be such an extensive endeavor, it will take time to create the worldwide coverage required to provide everyone with access to it. Once it does reach widespread availability, mobile computing and connections will be faster and more reliable than ever.

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