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6 Practical Ways To Boost Crypto SEO in 2021

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Most people are aware of Cryptocurrency these days. Now people are also interested in trading in Bitcoin. Many new start-ups are concentrating on the Crypto business.

A proper strategy is a perfect method of connecting with your target audience. As a Crypto startup, many factors help to boost your business.

Nowadays, Cryptocurrency SEO is very trending because they help business owners to expand their business according to Google norms.

Customers depend on Google for searching or buying something online. It directed your customers on the website they find on top pages of search engines. Growing on search engine top pages isn’t difficult even as a startup as a smart business owner, as there is a need for proper SEO techniques.

1. Keyword Research 

Proper keyword research solves successful SEO problems. It represents what your content is all about and the word or phrases your target crypto audience type on a search engine.

So, if you want your site’s crypto content to reach a target audience, there is a need for proper keyword research.

It is natural for every Bitcoin business owner to want to have plenty of organic traffic driving to their website.

Driving traffic is not workable by merely crafting content. It’s possible with adequate keyword research related to the focused type of content.

SEO experts can use these tools for keyword searching like Ubersuggest, Keyword Explorer, Keyword Tool, and many more.

2. Site’s Speed

You have all the quality content that considerately meets your audience’s needs about digital technology about website speed.

According to this study, 45.4% are less likely to invest when people experience a slow loading website. 12% will tell a friend when they experience a slow loading site.

Most online customers or searchers expect websites to load in not over 3 seconds, and crypto audiences aren’t an exception. If you want to boost your crypto website’s SEO, make sure your website’s speed is as fast as possible.

3. Backlinks

In SEO, the method of link building matters and improves your search results. Search algorithms may penalize your site if it’s not properly done.

Getting high-quality and organic backlinks is not a simple task. These links will make significant results. It can achieve good links through quality guest posts and infographic distribution.

Building valuable backlinks from top tiers within the crypto niche will naturally boost search engine optimization (SEO).

Linking back to your post when you publish current content is added strategic way of boosting your site’s SEO.

4. Optimization

Optimizing On-site factors like ‘title tags’ and ‘meta description’ on a crypto website will boost its SEO. Mostly, many business owners have not informed the way they present their title tags, and meta descriptions can affect their site’s SEO.

There is a need to write proper title tags and meta descriptions on each page of your site. It’s smart to carry out an in-depth evaluation of the site based on this and find where optimization is needed.

5. Unique Crypto Content 

As we know, good content sells itself. There is a need to earn links naturally. Google and other search engines give importance to quality and unique content.

If you want your Bitcoin startup to endeavor and stand a hit on top pages of search engines. The Crypto industry might seem complex and technical.

Therefore, it requires a professional who does not just understand the industry but with the skill-set to produce ‘good content.’Meanwhile, you can also give information about the latest Bitcoin news on web pages.

6. Mobile -Friendly

The research shows that mobile users surpass desktop users in internet traffic, also a whopping 51% of all internet users browse websites from their mobiles.

As a smart business owner, considering this statistic, it’s wise to ensure that experts optimize the Crypto website for both web and mobile-friendly.

Ensure that your visitor’s UX is great both on desktop and on smartphones. This method is a strategic way to boost SEO and expand a business.

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