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6 Methods On How To Clean Dirt And Dust From Your PC

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Dust is one of the primary antagonists of a PC. Despite your best attempts to keep your computer clean, dust from the air will always find its way to your PC, preventing it from functioning and causing you to sneeze continuously. Here are a few useful tips we’ve compiled for you on how to clean your PC from dirt and dust with the aid of available items.

1. Wiping The Screen

To remove the dust from your PC monitor at home, most people opt for rough or paper towels. However, this leaves your screen with lint debris that falls down and gets trapped inside the keyboard. These items also leave stains and small scratches on your screen. The only item that is suitable for cleaning the monitor is a microfiber cloth. This kind of fabric won’t leave lint and has a soft texture that will not scratch your screen’s surface.

2. Removing Dirt From The Case

Avoid using any products that have content of ammonia, alcohol, or acetone. These aggressive substances will remove paint from the keyboard buttons and could end up damaging your monitor, particularly when covered in an anti-reflective coating. For preparing a universal cleaning liquid at home, mix white vinegar and water in matching proportions. You can use the solution to moisten the computer cloth slightly. Avoid dipping the cloth into it. You can also read this article on BitRebels about why you shouldn’t use an air compressor to clean your computer.

3. Getting Rid Of Scratches

A little toothpaste can be used for polishing the scratch. However, making sure you’re not using a gel paste since it won’t work. It is also suggested to use a toothpaste with whitening or large abrasive particles. The toothpaste is applied using a soft tissue or microfiber cloth. The toothpaste must be left to dry after which it should be wiped clean using a slightly wet cloth.

4. Blowing The Dust Particles Out

Dust and dirt can easily be removed from the keyboard by using a standard hairdryer. It can also be utilized for blowing the dust from the system unit.

  • First, unplug the PC and pull all the wires out.
  • Use a screwdriver for removing the sidewalls of the case.
  • Only use cold air when blowing the unit out.

5. Removing Dust From The Places That Are Hard To Reach

To remove the dust from those hard-to-reach areas, utilize a bulb syringe. This is a convenient method from blowing the dust from places like fans and radiators in the system unit. Use a 0.4L syringe at least, since the smaller ones will not generate enough airflow. A standard vacuum cleaner is another apparatus that can be used for removing dust from the PC. You can use it for vacuuming the keyboard, system unit, and speakers. Just remember to remove the brush from your vacuum cleaner tube before the time.

6. Cleaning the mouse buttons and keys

An excellent method for cleaning the mouse buttons and keyboard without having to take them apart is as follows:

  • Mix water and white vinegar in matching proportions. Wet the microfiber cloth with the solution and squeeze it.
  • Take a thin tool like a ruler or butter knife and cover the edge with the microfiber cloth.
  • Start removing the dirt underneath the keys.

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