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6 Educational Websites For Young Learners

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Every member of a dissertation team was at one time a young learner who was only interested in getting good grades. Thanks to the Internet, the number of resources available to students has increased significantly over the last decade. Students aren’t limited by hardcopy books and study sessions at school. Many websites can help groom young students and prepare them for life in college. These websites contain information that makes it easier for students to absorb knowledge, even outside the classroom setting.

Top 6 Websites For Young Learners

1. Get Targeted Entertainment With PBS Kids

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. That is why PBS kids are devoted to using curriculum-based content to help children learn while they remain entertained. By exploring these entertaining content, the children subconsciously develop critical thinking skills, communication skills, and social skills, among others. While the goal of the show is to make children smarter and more prepared to face life, it also involves parents in the process. Having familiar faces as learning partners makes it easier for children to absorb what they learn.

2. Develop Programming Skills With Kodable

Programing and other web development skills are among the most crucial and most sought-after in today’s world. In the future, the number of developers needed to meet the growing demand is only going to increase. From Kodable, youngsters can learn how to code at an early stage. There are more than 70 lessons that build your child’s knowledge of coding. It simplifies the entire process, teaching them how to source for materials they may need along the way.

3. Learn While You Play With is one of the most interactive educational websites for children. It has many games and fun activities that allow your children to discover new things while they have fun. The contents on are of high quality. There is a session for children between 1 and 8 years and another session for children between 8 and 13 years. While the graphics are simple, each game passes a message because of the meaningful gameplay. Apart from the games, there are many straightforward books that children can read and understand without adult supervision.

4. Customize The Fun With Scratch

One of the best ways to make sure that your child gets targeted content is to play a role in the creation of the content. Scratch allows parents to program interactive stories, animations, and games that are targeted toward the needs of their children. They can work on these projects along with their younger children, while older children can create these things themselves and share them with the online community. They can also work with other children in the online community.

5. Let Your Child Explore The Wild With National Geographic For Kids

Is your child a lover of animals, and other gifts from nature? If the answer is yes, you can satisfy their curiosity with the national geographic world for kids. The website, just like the TV show, breaks down the wild to a language that youngsters can understand. Children who are up to 10 years can understand the website and learn more about the world around them.

6. Oxford Owl

This website is suitable for children who are just developing reading and writing skills. The teachers who developed it used the UK curriculum. There are many resources available on the website for enhancing their skills without deviating from the curriculum. The website contains many books – some are free to lead while others can be purchased with a token.

Bottom Line

There are many other educational websites for the young learner, but these six are on the top of the list. These websites should be combined with TV shows for a more significant impact. Note that your child’s learning shouldn’t be limited to the classroom environment. Combining what they learn in the classroom with what they learn when they are receiving entertainment is a good way to improve their skills and keep them ahead of the game.


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