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6 Common House Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making And How To Fix Them

House Cleaning Spray and Towel Paper

From cleaning kitchens to washrooms and everywhere in between, everyone has their tried-and-tested cleaning techniques (Or maybe you’re among those who swing things until they get it right). Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. The question is, are your house cleaning methods doing a perfect job?  According to cleaning service professionals, here are some of the most common house cleaning mistakes people make.

Not Cleaning Your House In Order

For most people, the best house cleaning method is starting from top to bottom.  They clean their house from room to room and from cabinets, countertops to the floors.  Most people finish their cleaning routine by spraying house fresheners and deodorizers, leaving their spaces smelling and feeling nice and fresh.  While this technique is sensible, experts advise that spraying your space should be done in the middle of the cleaning process and not at the end. This is because sprays leave your room with sticky and greasy films on counters and floors. These films hold dust and dirt together, making your space dirty again even immediately after you’ve cleaned it.

Pre-Rinsing Dishes

Although most people believe pre-rinsing their dishes makes it easy to clean them, the truth is, it complicates the process.  For instance, cleaning professionals say that pre-rinsing your utensils tricks your dish cleaner into thinking your dishes are spotless even when not. This is because most dishwashers are designed to comprehensively clean dry dishes placed on them instantly, meaning pre-rinsed dishes make the washer assume it has washed them previously; hence, no need to focus on rubbing them comprehensively.

Not Cleaning Your Vacuum Cleaner

Like most people, you might have been cleaning your floors without touching your vacuums. Well, that’s a mistake you must avoid. For squeaky clean floors, your vacuum needs to be free from dirt and dust. When you are done mopping, ensure you’ve removed hair, fluff, and pieces of strings that usually hide within the vacuum floor. Use brush rollers to inspect your vacuums for any blockages, such as toys and other elements.  Additionally, make sure dust canisters and filters are cleaned and emptied at least every month. 

Not Cleaning Your Chopping Boards Properly

Hot water and dishwashing liquids are not enough to clean your chopping boards sufficiently, especially after chopping meat. Instead of using hot water and dishwashing chemicals, clean your chopping boards by rubbing lemons on them first. After rubbing the lemons, soak the boards before running hot water on them. This will kill bacteria and other dirty-causing agents, leaving your boards sufficiently clean.

Using Bleaching Products For Cleaning Mold And Mildew

Bleaching products are not as effective for eradicating mold and mildew as most people believe. This is because mold and mildew can rejuvenate back and thrive after adapting to these chemicals. Still, most bleaching chemicals only kill mold on the surface but not those that are underneath. Use vinegar to eradicate mold and mildew inside and within your surroundings.

Forgetting To Replace Your Sponges Regularly

Cleaning your house sufficiently also means replacing essential everyday household items like kitchen sponges regularly.  Old sponges hide food stains and traces that leave dirty and germs on your clean dishes without your knowledge.  Old sponges are also a perfect environment for germs to breed and hide.

Tips For  Fixing These Most Common House Cleaning Mistakes Like A Pro

Avoiding the mistakes mentioned above will help you keep your house clean, but if you’re looking to fix them for good, use the following tips:

Use Magic Erasers

Hot water or chemicals don’t completely clean stubborn stains. Magic erasers are equivalent to grit sandpapers meaning they are designed to scrub and eradicate stubborn stains. Use them on your stainless steel utensils, around shiny surfaces, and on the grout.

Use Pieces Of Cloth And Brushes On Carpets

Aggressive scrubbing of your carpets doesn’t clean them perfectly, mainly because doing so pushes dirt and dust deeper into their fibers. Instead, use pieces of cloth and slowly scrub them. 

Minimizing The Use Of Cleaning Chemicals

Bleaching chemicals can lead to serious injuries when wrongly used. If it comes into contact with the skin, It will cause severe burns. Inhaling the chemicals is also risky as it can cause poisoning. Therefore, limit the usage of chemicals by sticking to cleaning methods that take longer but are risk-free.

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