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6 Best e-Commerce SEO Strategies For 2020

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The race to bring your e-commerce business to the peak of the search engine page results is becoming more stringent. Also, the fact that product listing ads are not everyone’s cup of tea due to their exceeding cost, search engine optimization has gained more impetus. However, you need to note that SEO requires an upfront effort. It means that once your website starts gaining organic traffic, your sales will automatically generate sales.

Here, in this blog, we will focus on the 6 best e-commerce SEO Services and tactics that you need to implement in 2020 to gain maximum results.

Structuring the Website Properly

The first and foremost requirement is getting a properly structured website. Yes, to be honest, it can create a big difference in your ranking. So, your job is to improve the website structure. Well, you have to focus on two key areas while structuring the website.

The first is the breadcrumb navigation. It is a website navigation process that informs your position on search engine pages based on the hierarchy of the website. Breadcrumb navigation will assist with site mapping and help to organize the website structure. 

Another benefit of structuring your website is that it helps to clean the URLs. A clean URL is a readable URL that improves access and usability to the website.

E-commerce Keyword Research

Now that you have structured your website completely, you need to divert your attention to another important strategy. Yes, I’m talking about in-depth e-commerce keyword research.

It is essential to build a solid foundation as far as keywords are concerned as it helps in boosting your SEO efforts. This is one of the most important SEO phases where you have to make all the moves smartly. The reason is that it will influence your optimizations.

You can take the help of an effective tool such as Google Keyword Planner to search the base information of keywords. Your task at hand will also be gathering the all-important average monthly search volume, competitive keywords, and CPCs. 

Since our aim is to have high volume and high intent keywords. These are the keywords that convert visitors into customers. You should Google them while checking through the keywords. Always try to go for a long-tail keyword if you are competing against popular brands.

Plagiarism Is A Big No

Plagiarism or duplicate content is one of the biggest bottlenecks that can decline the ranking of any website on the search engine sites. But the real challenge is that there are tons of products and it becomes difficult to write different descriptions for all. This becomes detrimental to search engine rankings.

But there is a solution to minimize the issue. All you have to do is add a canonical tag or 301 redirect pages. This will help search engine sites to identify pages that have similar or identical content.

Get Your e-Commerce Store On Mobile

Do you know that mobile accounts for 19% of the total e-commerce retail sales in the US? Furthermore, Statista reports that more than 52% of all website traffic is generated through mobile. This means that optimizing your e-commerce website for mobile is mandatory if you want to get more customers on board.

When you are taking your e-commerce store to mobile you must ensure that it has a responsive and intuitive design. In addition, you also need to focus on providing an optimal page speed and high load time.

The user interface and user experience of your e-commerce mobile application must be attractive and easy to navigate. Adding a simple checkout process will boost traffic in your mobile commerce.

The Category Page Should Be Optimized

Category pages hold equal importance as far as e-commerce SEO services are concerned. Here you have to follow a lot of practices and focus on providing creative content. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Using your keyword research, you need to optimize on category titles. In addition, you also need to optimize the meta descriptions and provide a product summary.
  • You can add one H1 Tag per page. Write the description just below the category page of your H1 Tag. You can break the content in the short-form.
  • It is also important to provide an internal link within the description.
  • Lastly, include the images. The images play one of the most essential roles in an e-commerce website. You can include a graphic header or customize or graphic.

Boosting The Speed Of The Website

Do you know that nearly 50% of the users abandon a website due to its slow speed? Yes, it is true and hence you need to boost the speed of your e-commerce website if you want to reduce the churn out ratio.

You can take the help of several useful tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights to improve the speed and prevent websites from slowing down.


There are various other e-commerce SEO strategies that you can adopt to stay on top while moving forward in 2020. Also, you need to hire the services of an adept e-commerce SEO company to integrate all these tactics successfully.

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Best e-Commerce SEO Strategies, best e-commerce SEO Services, e-commerce SEO services, Avoid duplicate content, Optimize Category Pages

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