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6 Best Apps for Apple Watch

Apps for Apple Watch

Apps for Apple Watch

If there is one happening product of the last year, it would be the Apple Watch. Sleek design, intuitive interface, and enhanced functionality, it is a treat for gadget geeks. However, these are not the only temptations of Apple Watch that would incite you to buy the product. It offers a variety of applications for the users to make the most of this portable device.

The USP of this product underlies in its ability to integrate with the range of apps. From writing down your lectures and ticking your gym classes to searching flight details and measuring calories count, the watch supports a long list of applications to help you with daily tasks.

So, if you are not sure about what app you should use for your needs, don’t abuse Apple to confuse you as we can help you with the following 6 outstanding apps:

  1. 1Password

1Password is a password manager for your Apple Watch. One of the most widely-used apps, 1Password is your key to get secure access to all your sensitive data. With this handy app, you can safely get into the vaults of your data resources without compromising on your privacy. 1Password integrates with cloud platforms, such as DropBox and iCloud, to sync your entire password files on multiple platforms in real-time.

  1. Google Maps

Now the backpackers and cyclists can get the right directions to their destinations. With Google Maps, they can use their Apple Watch to find the routes to their favorite spots. So, you do not have to worry any longer as you can take help of this app as you step out for a long excursion or jog to a remote area. This app shows exact direction details in three modes: driving, walking, and public transport.

  1. Sleep++

Sleep++ is your companion in the night time when you hit the sack. With this app, you can take an analysis of your sleep pattern based on the available statistics, such as Total Sleep, Heart Rate, and Restlessness etc. Using this app, you can make changes in your lifestyle to improve your sleep and become more productive in life. How cool is that!

  1. Calcbot

Apple aptly makes up for the absence of a built-in calculator with this intuitive app. Calcbot is a computing app that helps you process the complex figures and numbers. With this app, you can perform the basic calculations as well as the complex operations of scientific quantities. It is a ‘must-have’ app for students who have to perform mathematical calculations on a daily basis.

  1. Cheat Sheet

Are you fed up with forgetting the nitty-gritty things of your daily life? Then, this app can be a help to remind you of those little details. Cheat Sheet saves all the small details that you need in daily life, such as passwords, email ids, and phone numbers etc.

It uses icons to notify you about any such vital information whenever you need it. No longer do you have to inscribe these important things at the back of your college journal or business card that you fumble with later. With Cheat Sheet, you can easily access these details on your Apple watch with just a click.

  1. Evernote

Evernote makes life easier for the people on the go. Now, you do not have to remember everything as you do the research or search through piles of documents. With Evernote, all your important information is synchronized on your wrist watch.

It is a cloud-based application that syncs information on all your devices in real-time. So, you can easily save your to-do lists, assignment details and work schedule that you can easily get back anytime.

If you have any Apple Watch app that deserves a mention, let us know in the comments.

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