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5 Ways to Get Your First 900 Engaged Followers on Instagram

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You’ve already connected your Instagram account to your Facebook, but you want more followers, specifically followers that look forward to seeing what you post. Follow these 5 simple steps to be mindful and strategic about how you are using your Instagram account to gain engaged followers

1. Add a Hashtag

A hashtag (it’s not the pound sign, Grandma) is a social media power tool. People with similar interests can connect simply by using a shared hashtag. Use at least one, ideally 3-5 hashtags, for each photo. Limit the words in your caption and let the hashtag do the talking.

If you just welcomed a new puppy into your home, share on Instagram, and use the following hashtags.



#[insert name of breed]

Use at least one, ideally 3-5 hashtags, for each photo. Limit the words in your caption and let the hashtag do the talking. You can also add graphic designers to Instagram and see what hashtags they use. This will help you understand which hashtags are trending right now.

2. Follow Other People

Human nature dictates that we reciprocate favors. If someone follows you on Instagram, follow them back. Make your followers feel special.

Expand the circle of people to follow, and thus follow you back, by looking for people that have used the same hashtags as you. Someone else that recently used #newpuppy may look forward to following you, and your puppy, in the future.

3. Engage in the Instagram Community

Don’t forget about the “social” part of social media. Simply put, comment on other photos. Save the novellas for Facebook and respond with a thumbs-up emoji or a short phase of praise.

It will take some effort on your part to create your Instagram following. Put in the time by supporting the photos and contributions of others. Your effort will be rewarded.

4. The Photo Does Matter….

…. when tagged properly. When gaining followers, your goal is to make the photo visible. Tagging visible products in your photo will allow the photo to be seen by followers of that product. If you tag the location of a photo in your favorite park or restaurants, followers of those locations will see your photo.

Followers of your common interests are likely to follow you as well.

5. Share Timely Photos

Grab new followers, and entertain your existing followers, by posting photos that are current to the season. Your followers want to know you and how you celebrate major holidays or even silly ones (I’m looking at you #talklikeapirateday).

Seasonal photos can be staged in advance or spur of the moment. There is nothing wrong with looking at the calendar and strategically taking photos in advance. If you know that your dining room photographs best in the morning, take the time to set the table early (or days in advance) and post right before your special meal. A beautiful photo with a good hashtag is priceless.

Capitalize on the first snowfall of the season. Snap a picture of the glistening snow and use a hashtag like #firstsnow or #snowmuchlove. No snow? Check out the Canva app for a snowflake photo layout template.

Remember to have fun. The key to Instagram is not to take yourself too seriously. Share your #nailedit and #winning moments. Life is too short…take the photo. And then post it to Instagram.

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