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5 Ways to Ensure Ultra-Relaxation During your Trip to Cape Town

Cape Town, Kirstenbosch Gardens, Trip To South Africa, Lions Head, Table Mountain

There is just so much to do when visiting Cape Town. From hiking up Table Mountain, or taking the cable car, or driving out to one of the many wine farms in and around the Western Cape. There really is no reason to ever have ‘nothing’ to do. Here are a few ultra-relaxation options to consider.

1. Lay on the beach

Take time to relax and laze on one of the many beautiful beaches around the gorgeous coast of Cape Town. Enjoy a packed lunch with the family or your loved one in swimming gear, plenty of sunblock and don’t forget the sun umbrella if you need a little shade if it gets to hot, which it can, so best to always be prepared. Cape Town is known to get very hot, especially in the midst of summer around the middle of January to the end of February. There is no other way to relax than being surrounded by people playing beach ball or sand games, tanning or swimming in the ocean, spending time just enjoying the day under the sun. You may even venture down to the beach in the late afternoon to catch some rays before the sun sets, enjoying sundowners and candy-colored skies – there is nothing like it. A really relaxing way to end a busy day.

2. Take a road trip to a small town (Scarborough)

A road trip around the peninsula is really refreshing and there are many stop points along the drive especially if you drive out to Scarborough along the coast. In fact, we’d recommend staying a few nights in a magical place like this, and there is an amazing self-catering accommodation in Scarborough to really make an adventure out of your trip. Take along your camera as you will be disappointed if you don’t take pictures along the way as they drive along the coast is a rather spectacular one of mountains, rugged ocean cliffs, and coastal views.

3. Picnic at Kirstenbosch Gardens

Cape Town, Kirstenbosch Gardens, Trip To South Africa, Lions Head, Table Mountain

The famous gardens of Cape Town is the Kirstenbosch Gardens which lies at the foot of Table Mountain on the eastern side in the area between Newlands and Bishopscourt. The botanical gardens are well kept and well worth taking the time to visit and it’s known to be one of the most beautiful gardens in South Africa. Relax in this serene setting, surrounded by fragrances of flowers and tranquility, just the perfect setting for a picnic. The gardens are not only popular amongst locals but visitors alike and this being for many reasons, such as: taking a stroll around the gardens ticking off all the popular sites such as the “Lady Anne’s bath” and others or along the canopy walkway taking in the spectacular views from above, hiking up Skeleton Gorge or even attending one of the summer sunset concerts under the evening skies listening to your favorite band, with your loved one, family or friends. Kirstenbosch Gardens has so much to offer and if you did not pack a picnic lunch they have many amazing restaurants to choose from.

4. Hike through Newlands Forest

A hike through Newlands Forest is simply lovely especially on a hot summer’s day where you get the breeze coming through to cool you off when walking under the shade of the tall trees. There are hiking trails for beginners and those who are really serious about hiking so make sure you know which to take before you head out, there is an information sign that will assist you at the entrance and along the paths. The trails are beautiful and with viewpoints that offer exquisite views, so take along your cameras and capture the beauty around you. Newlands Forest is open to everyone, even your four-legged fur family members are welcome if they are kept on a lead. You can also braai or picnic in designated areas.

5. Watch the sunset from Lions Head lookout point

Cape Town, Kirstenbosch Gardens, Trip To South Africa, Lions Head, Table Mountain

Cape Town is known for the majestic mountain range of Table Mountain. Lions Head lookout point is fast becoming a favorite lookout point not only for locals but visitors as well. Hiking up Lions Head is not an easy one so you have to be relatively fit and strong as at some points you need to be strong enough to pull yourself up. It might sound daunting but you will feel you have achieved something great if you make it to the top. The lookout point is one that you will never forget – and the sunset from there is spectacular, as are the photos you’ll take which will look like you are on top of Cape Town itself. The moonlit night walks have also become one that many look out for, so when you know the dates of the next full moon, hike up Lions Head with the brightness of the moon as your guide.

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