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5 Ways To Create A More Engaging Employee Training Program

Employee Training Program

To get a great ROI on employee training programs, businesses need to ensure that employees make the best of the training program. If they fail to get involved in the training or learn from it, it will lead to a huge loss of time, money, and effort.

While employees do look forward to enhancing their skills with the help of a training program, poorly created training programs fail to engage them. This leads to employers feeling that employees are not interested in growing.

The truth is if the training program is not fun and engaging employees will not develop an interest in learning from it. So how can you make a training program more engaging? Here are some easy tips you can implement:

1. Get to know what employees are interested in

To build a training program that will get employees excited to learn, the first step is to know clearly what exactly they wish to learn. Without this, it can get very difficult to create the right courses for employees.

Conduct a TNA (Training Needs Analysis) to identify what skills will help employees perform better in their jobs. Learning these skills will help employees feel empowered and enhance their productivity.

2. Make sure the training program is flexible

A training program that requires employees to compromise on work or personal life is not going to be adopted whole-heartedly by employees. Businesses must ensure they offer flexible learning solutions that employees can access at a time of their convenience.

Using an eLearning LMS to deliver digital learning solutions is a great way to ensure employees have full control over their learning. They can decide when they want to learn and what information they want to consume.

3. Include short videos

Text-based content can get boring after a point and make it difficult for employees to learn at a stretch. Using short videos to explain concepts is a better way of delivering training. These videos can be focused on one topic at a time so they can be consumed in less time.

The biggest benefit of this is that employees will be able to consume them in breaks and during transit. A well-structured 8-10 minute video can help employees learn a concept quicker than extensive text-based documents.

4. Present content in an easy-to-understand format

Learning becomes fun when concepts are explained in simple and uncomplicated language. If employees have a hard time understanding the concepts in a training program, they will quickly lose interest and leave the training midway.

Use the microlearning principle to structure the content and simplify it for quicker consumption. This will not only make the content fun and engaging but also lead to higher retention of information.

5. Personalize the content

When businesses choose off-the-shelf courses, employees find them very generic and have to spend a lot of time navigating through information to find what’s relevant to them. This is frustrating and leads to a lot of wastage of time.

It is recommended to create custom courses that are tailored to meet the specific needs of employees. It reduces the time spent by employees on learning and helps them learn more in less time. Moreover, the learning is more effective in comparison to a ready-made course.


Employee engagement is paramount for the success of a training program. If employees fail to engage or do not retain the information they consume, it can be very disappointing for the company. So when you are implementing a training program, use these above-mentioned ideas to make it more appealing. Do you have any ideas to make training programs more engaging? Share them in the comments below!

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