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5 Ways to Come Up With Ideas for Your Website’s Blog Articles

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New content that is unique, timely, and relevant is what gets people excited for what your site’s blog has to offer. It is also what encourages them to come back in the future and to share it with others.

While I am sure this all sounds great, anyone who has been tasked with managing a blog’s content and creating new articles on a regular basis will attest to the fact that coming up with ideas for those articles can be a daunting task.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can use to brainstorm some fresh topics for your site’s articles.

Think About Customer Conversations

One of the best ways that I have found to establish topics that will make relevant articles is to think about the questions that clients ask me and the conversations that I have based on those questions. These questions are absolute gold because they give real insight into what your audience is thinking about and looking for. If your customers are asking these questions, it is very likely that other people are asking them as well.

If you write articles that address these questions and which offer valuable information, your site has a great chance of being found by people looking for those answers.

Discuss Changes in Your Industry

If there is something new or interesting happening in your industry, this is an opportunity to lend your voice to that topic of conversation and create an article that is very timely. For example, Microsoft announced that on January 12, 2016 they would end support for older versions of their Internet Explorer web browser. A few days before this end-of-life date, I was sure to publish an article about this change. This allowed me to not only come up with fresh content, but it was also very relevant to conversations that people were having at that time.

Industry changes can be a wonderful source of ideas for new articles. Done well, these pieces will not only be timely and relevant, but they will also help to establish you as a thought-leader in your industry and someone whom people turn to for the latest news on that industry.

Review What Other Authors are Publishing

Don’t be afraid to look at what other people, including your competitors, are publishing on their sites and in their blogs. Adding your voice to those conversations, whether you have additional thoughts and perspective to contribute or perhaps a different opinion you’d like to share, is another great way to come up with new ideas and to further establish yourself as an industry expert.

Look to Current Events

Similar to industry changes, current events (which may or may not be related to your company and your offerings) is another resource that can be mined for relevant, timely ideas. Obviously, there are some current events that may be a bit sensitive and which you may want to steer clear from, like politics and very heated debates about certain social issues. On the other hand, you may choose to convey your feelings on these hot-button topics in order to spur conversations and comments from readers.

Consider Your Life Experiences

One final source you can use to come up with blog article ideas is your life and personal experiences. I use this method on my own personal blog website all the time. By telling stories that relate to my life, including my family, travels, and the things that I love, I can create articles that have a very real and personal tone to them. I then relate these personal stories to lessons in website design, which is the underlying topic of my blog. This approach gives me an endless font of inspiration for new article ideas that make my blog completely unique since the stories that I am sharing are 100% my own.

About the author: Daniel T Anderson, a writer at the essay help service. He keeps up with advancing technologies so as to get acquainted with the latest technological tendencies. Besides, Daniel is keen on reading modern literature and traveling.

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