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5 Ways Link Building Can Increase Your Website’s Ranking

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If you have a website that could use more traffic, there are literally hundreds of techniques for bringing more eyes to your pages. SEO tactics have been around for decades now. One of the most effective methods is link building. Site owners who know how to make these vital connections can ramp up traffic in a matter of days.

Whether you take a do-it-yourself approach or use contextual link building solutions with PureLinq, for example, the main thing to start slowly and create a few connections at a time. A gradual, but consistent process will increase your ranking in a natural, organic way. Of the many techniques used by link building experts, the following five will be enough to get you started:

1. Use Strong, Well Written Content

Site owners and business professionals often overlook the value of well-written, relevant content. Yes, an occasional misspelling or grammar mistake is bound to get through now and then, but the best websites fix errors on a daily basis. Have proofreaders check every written line on your site at least once per week in order to weed out problems with phrasing, spelling, and grammar.

2. Use Authoritative Sources

Websites that regularly use authoritative, linked sources for basic facts and figures receive more traffic than sites that don’t. For example, the most-viewed websites in the dentistry niche all contain main-page content that links directly to top medical resources. Whatever your site’s topic, use at least two industry-leading authorities to support facts on your main page.

3. Become a Guest blogger On Other Sites

Offering your article-writing services, for free, on related websites is one of the quickest ways to build organic links to your own website. Make sure the content is interesting, well-written and does not make gratuitous mentions of your own site. An “author box” at the bottom of the guest blog you write will usually be enough to bring in new visitors.

4. Make Your Own Infographics

It takes time and expertise, but if you can create a few infographic pieces to place on your own site or in a guest blog, readers will show their appreciation. Always double-check the facts, grammar, and spelling in your graphic before posting it.

5. Use Social Media

Do not ignore the power of the big social media players. It’s easy to overdo this approach, so begin by choosing three of your favorite social media organizations, like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, for example. Establish a presence and take time to learn how to post daily content on each social media site you select.

Keep the Traffic Coming

It’s important to view website traffic as the lifeblood of your business. Just as your own physical body requires a daily dose of solid and liquid foods, a website needs continual attention in order to stay healthy, fresh and productive.

Remember to leverage professional expertise, like that of an in-house SEO wiz, or to take advantage of contextual link building solutions with PureLinq. Many site administrators enlist social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to boost traffic. Others use tried-and-true SEO tactics. Whatever help you get, keep in mind that link building is an ongoing process, not a one-time fix.

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