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5 Ways How Technology Is Changing The Vaping Industry

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Vaping has become a fully functioning industry, and it is one of the most dynamic industries of these times. It is rapidly evolving by introducing high-quality products that are ultimately increasing its reach. Social media has played a vital role in making vaping a trending story. Videos, pictures, and posts of people vaping are going viral. As a result, vaping is becoming a crowd-magnet. 

The U.S. House of Representatives, in 2020, decriminalized cannabis by issuing the law to remove it from the list of Controlled Substances. This came as good news for the vaping industry, as many users are eager to explore marijuana with vaping. Every day, the number of people buying vaping products is increasing. This is a crowd of tech-savvy people who value the experience of vaping more than the dollar bills. These are the people who read and research vaping to buy the CBD vape pen canada. The manufacturers are responding to this demand by leveraging the technology for CBD disposable pens.

In recent years, technology has taken the lead and changed many aspects of vaping. Here are five of these technologies that have transformed the vaping industry.

1. The Improvement of Vaping Devices to Provide a More Customizable Experience

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The journey of vaporizers is quite impressive. What started to inhale the juice has successfully transformed itself into a device providing an excellent vaping experience. Here is the journey of three generations of vapes.

First Generation

The first-generation vape was a lot bigger and heavier due to its resemblance to an apparent product. They had a limited battery life and very few flavor choices but were not customizable.

Second Generation

These vapes were shaped like pens and more significant than the first-generation vapes. The improved thing here was a rechargeable battery with longer life. They had a clearomizer tank, which made them portable. Some of the vapes from this generation were provided with voltage valves for a customizable experience.

Third Generation

These vapes are Advanced Personal Vaporizers, also called Mods & APVs, that do not resemble the conventional vapes. The vape devotees started loving the vaporizers from this generation as third-generation vapes are fully customizable. Unlike the previous two generations, third-generation vapes provide total control over the vaping sessions. The Mods & APVs are equipped with many exciting features like digital display, variable wattage and voltage, sub-ohm tanks, temperature control, and air control. The incorporation of all these features has increased the price of vapes.

2. Incorporation of New and Improved Parts in Vapes


Modern vaping devices are setting the bar high by improving the vaping experience with different parts like atomizers. This device converts the liquid from vape into vapors for users to inhale. Nowadays, manufacturers are leveraging on the latest atomizers that use titanium or nickel wires, which produce thicker vapor clouds and potent hits.

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The short life of the coil used to be a concern for vape users. The manufacturers have solved this issue with higher electrical and thermal conductivities, enhancing the temperature regulation and making it more sensitive.

The organic cotton coil is the next significant change in the vapes. The cotton coils play a crucial role in being the bridge between the vape juice and the heating coil. Unlike traditional cotton, OCC does not contain any impurities, which eventually improve the vaping experience.

3. Sub-ohm Vaping

Currently, these are the most cutting-edge technology vapes available out there. Also known as sub-ohming, this type of vaping consists of a coil with less than one-ohm resistance level, which differs from other vaporizers having a higher resistance level ranging between 1.5 to 3 Ohms. The lower resistance level of sub-ohm vapes rapidly heats the atomizer, which in turn evaporates more liquid and gives you a nice kick of flavor, and produces thicker clouds.

4. Increasing the Battery Life

The vape manufacturers always focused on improving battery life so that users can enjoy interrupted vaping sessions. Although modern devices like pod vape claimed an excellent battery, heavy vapers cannot make it till the end of the day without recharging them. That is why a better version of lithium-ion batteries is all set to enter vapes. They are compact and robust enough for heavy vapers. 

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5. Introductions of Devices for a Better Vaping Experience

The increasing number of vapers has made it clear that vaping isn’t just about making clouds of e-juice. Vaping is like an exquisite experience for its users, and the manufacturers understand this. That is why they are utilizing the technology to produce vaporizers of exceptional quality.


The number of vapers is growing every day, which makes the industry highly active. Last year, the vaping industry took a minor hit due to emerging severe cases. However, it reflected on the sales where industry experts called a good thing. Because, after this, the manufacturers became more conscious of providing superior quality.

Moreover, due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are considerate towards mental health. As a result, many are opening up to use CBD (a product derived from cannabis) to deal with loneliness outcomes. Experts are predicting that a lot from this crowd will join the vaping culture. The demand is high, but the vaping industry is ready for it with modern tech-savvy devices.

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