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5 Useful Tips Players Should Use To Win In The Game of Catan 

Catan Board Game

The Catan board game was first played in 1995 after it was invented and has remained a sensational board game for people all over the world. It was initially known as the Settlers of Catan before its name changed to Catan. The game involves a number of multi-players ranging from 3-4 players. You can however increase the number of players to enjoy the game of Catan by adding expansions and Catan board game extensions to allow for up to six players. The game is easy to set up and you should be ready to get going with the board game between 10 to 15 minutes. To play and win, these are the tips you should consider involving in your gameplay.

Make sure you produce all resources

When you are just starting in the game of Catan, you may not have the ability to produce all resources. To be able to achieve the same, you need to start building towards the fifth expansion from your first expansion. You can also choose to build in the direction of a great port and lastly place or bet on lots of wheat, sheep, and even ore. By adhering to these you can get the development cards that guide you to other important resources you will need to succeed in the game.

Choose wheat and ore for high stakes

There are different products in the game you should be trading in. For you to succeed in the game you are playing consider finding the right items to bet for and none comes better than wheat and ore. By betting on them highly you better your chances of using the development cards in the game to remain unblocked. At times knowing what to bet on is just what might save you during a game.

Handle the road placement tasks when starting

The cards you buy heavily determine your choice of play and moves in the game. You should start by purchasing the right development card in the same turn where you intend to build a road. Since road placement is vital you need the right strategy on which area to install your roads. Chances are high that the first two settlements will be taken as they are valuable slots meaning you have no business building your roads towards such a direction.

Develop a playing strategy

Rather than impulsive plays, you need to have an actual game plan you will be used for different games in the future. Plan every detail and execute them perfectly to secure your win in the game of Catan board. You are allowed to think several steps ahead while referring to how you have made your past plays. To comprehend how the game is to be played, try to understand and play the game from back to front for an easier time. Without a strategy, you could find yourself stranded and locked out of moves in most cases.

Dice rolls are independent

Luck is for the lucky and that is why you need your strategy to determine whether you will be successful in the game or not. Getting a lot of 3s as the result of your dice throw does not guarantee you the same results when it comes down to it. You also have to block the player from complementing their 3s using whatever means possible. If for instance, the player’s 3s is ore, blocking the wheat hex should be your next plan considering wheat has to be mixed with ore in the game.

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