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5 Unique On-Demand Mobile App Ideas For Startups

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Picture this. You’re late from work and have no time to cook dinner. You just take out your phone, open Zomato app and order food. You want to go somewhere, you simply book your ride through an Ola or Uber. A seemingly small idea of a food delivery app or a ride-sharing app changed the way people have their meals or commute, making millions of lives easier than ever.

These are just a couple of examples of what the right idea of on-demand mobile applications can do.

The mobile app industry is booming at present with its revenues projected to hit over 935 billion USD in 2023 through in-app advertising and paid downloads, as per Statista. Hence, it is clearly the right time to work towards an idea and venture into the on-demand mobile app market. So without wasting any more time, let’s explore some of these exceptional start-up ideas.

1. On-demand Instant Messaging Mobile Application

In this digital era that we live in, instant messaging is something people highly rely on for communication. After all, it helps them stay connected with their near & dear ones in split seconds no matter where they are. Moreover, people’s need to remain in touch with friends and family is only going to increase in the future, making the on-demand instant messaging application a safe & successful bet. 

Now you’ll say that there are already big players in the niche like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat, with over 4 billion combined active users monthly as of July 2019, according to Statista reports. However, that doesn’t mean there is no room for innovation in this market.

You can make an IM app with a friendlier and improved user interface. To add more convenience to it, you can include end-to-end encryption feature that keeps users’ messages and media private.

1. On-demand Grocery Shopping Mobile Application

Have you ever forgotten to stock up your kitchen or refrigerator with essentials due to your busy schedule? That happens a lot today as our lives are getting busier every day with increasing competition, societal pressures and a lack of work-life balance. Taking out time for going to the local grocery shop has also become a task. In such circumstances, an on-demand grocery shopping mobile app becomes a boon for everyone.

With on-demand grocery shopping app, people can buy groceries from anywhere – be it their home or office, with just a simple tap on their smartphones. It’s convenient and the need of the hour as it saves people’s precious time as well as energy. Indian market already has apps like Grofers and BigBasket, but you can enter the space with more personalized user experience, targeting the local population initially and later opting for expansion.

2. On-demand Laundry Service Mobile Application

There was a time when people washed and ironed their clothes themselves. Then entered laundry stores, taking the burden off people’s shoulders. However, with a tight schedule, visiting the laundry store in-person is ruled out. Realizing this, a number of entrepreneurs have ventured into offering laundry services online, thanks to this technological age. But till date, this space lacks a dominant player, making it a lucrative opportunity for start-ups. 

You can tie up with local laundry stores for your on-demand laundry services mobile app. It will add to the trust factor since locals would already be aware of the business. It will also eliminate the fear of quality depreciation in their valuable clothing along with the stress of doing it all on their own. Users can simply register on your app, select their preferred date and time, request the service, and relax.

3. On-demand Beauty/Salon Services Mobile Application

The industry of beauty and salon services is one of those rare business areas that will always remain in-demand. Nowadays, not only women but also men have become more conscious about their outer appearance. That, in turn, has shot up the demand for quality beauty/salon services. Considering this, starting an on-demand mobile app for salon/beauty services certainly makes sense.

With your on-demand beauty app, people will be able to opt for their choice of salon or beauty services according to their time, in the comfort of their home. It will relieve them from having to visit and wait for their turn at the neighborhood parlor. Moreover, as they can avail their desired services by professional beauty experts, customer experience and satisfaction will go up a notch higher.

4. On-demand House Cleaning Mobile Application

There would hardly be anyone who dislikes a neat and tidy house. No matter how much people try and execute the idea of cleaning their homes themselves, it is not always feasible due to the hectic lives we all lead today. But that doesn’t mean we can leave the house untidy, right?! It’s exactly why the idea of on-demand mobile app for house cleaning service would click with the masses instantly.   

Through your on-demand house cleaning mobile app, you can become a platform connecting the house cleaning service seekers and service providers, making lives at both ends easier. From vacuum cleaning a particular room to bathroom cleaning, window cleaning or cleaning the entire house, people can choose what they want with a single click.

Moreover, as per Global “Cleaning Services Market” 2019 Industry Research Report, the market will likely hit $88900 million by 2025 end with 6.3% CAGR in 2019-2025, making it an excellent start-up idea. To broaden your horizon even more, you could include on-demand commercial cleaning services as well.

Confused Where to Start?

Are you a budding entrepreneur mesmerized by the world of on-demand mobile application? Need some profitable ideas to venture into one? We heard you. Here’s a list of 5 unique on-demand mobile app ideas for start-ups that could be the next big thing, driving a new wave of change.



Author bio: Varsha Solanki is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Space-O Technologies, a mobile app development company. She has 3 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. She spends her time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest technologies.




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