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5 Top Tips On Hiring Contract Technology Staff

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Hiring technology staff is an expensive business, so for many firms hiring contract employees is a cost-effective way to manage expenditure. With many companies running short-term IT projects, contracting in technology staff can be the ideal way to enhance your existing team’s skills for the duration of the project and ensuring that it is completed by qualified staff.

If you are looking to hire contract technology staff for your next IT project, then here’s a handy guide with hints and tips on how best to approach the hiring process and attract the best technology talent to your business.

Make Sure You Know What You’re Looking For

From the outset, make sure you know exactly what staff you are looking for and what skills they need to have. It is not just about the qualifications they have; make sure you know what attributes your new team member will need to fit in with your company culture and really make a positive impact. They may only be temporary, but even two or three months is a long time to work with someone who doesn’t get along with your team.

Find The Perfect Recruitment Partner

When recruiting contract staff, it is important to work with a company that will support you and offers you the advice and access to resources most companies simply do not have. Agencies such as the contract recruiter Interim HR can offer expert support and draw from a pool of experienced and verified talent to ensure that your technology recruitment process is flawless, from initial communication through to the end of your employee’s contract. 

Write An Accurate Job Description

Make sure that you write you a job description that will attract the talent you want. Include all the relevant details, including the length of employment, the skills needed, and a brief description of the project, as well as the role the candidate will play in completing it. By providing complete information you will reduce your chances of wading through superfluous job applications from candidates that are not suitable and increase your chances of finding the perfect new member of staff quickly and efficiently.

Plan Your Interviews In Advance

Read all candidate applications thoroughly before every interview and create relevant questions. Try to stay on topic and gain the information you need quickly. If you want to understand how the candidate will work, devise a quick test to asses how they behave in a certain situation, for example, a coding test to see how they would think and behave. These examples will allow you to select the best person to be part of your project. Know ahead of time how you will manage the pre-employment checks.

Onboard Your New Team Member Effectively

Once you’ve found the perfect new team member, make sure that you have a quick onboarding process to ensure that they hit the ground running and quickly adjust to their new role and responsibilities. Contract staff are only in their role for a limited amount of time, so make sure that they are given the resources and support to make the most out of their time with your company and really make a difference during their short time in your team.

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