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5 Top Free Services That You Didn’t Know Existed Online

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For the first time in modern history, our world is experiencing a global pandemic. It has changed the way we live, and the way we internet.

With all of us staying indoors for an indefinite period, we have a lot of time to kill. To help people tackle this boredom, and ease their ‘stay at home’ phase, a lot of companies are offering free services for weeks and months.

In this article, we will talk about the free online services that you can take advantage of while quarantining.

Spotify Premium 

Is music the answer to all your woes? 

Well, we have good news for all the music lovers. The Swedish streaming music company has extended its free premium trial from one to three months. So if you haven’t already signed up for Spotify’s premium subscription plan, avail the 3-month trial benefits now.

The offer expires 30th June’20. Hurry up!

Audible’s Free Audio Books

Are you tired of your kids spending the entire day on screen, playing video games, and browsing the net? Well, why don’t you engage them in a fun, interactive learning experience?

Make use of Audible’s free audiobooks available in 6 languages. Download the app on your android or iOS devices and expose your children to the dreamy world of Aladdin and Alice. 

Or you can also stream Audible on your Kindle. But make sure your device supports Audible. 

While many devices in the Kindle family support Audible, some of them are dedicated to e-readers only. So if you Kindle Paperwhite (5th Gen, 6th Gen, 7th Gen), or Kindle (7th Gen), or Kindle Voyage, sell it and upgrade it with a version that has audio capabilities.

When selling your kindle, type “sell my kindle” in the search tab and instantly get in touch with a top buyback electronic company, sell your device and get the best deal in cash. 


LinkedIn is doing everything it can to improve the “WFH” experience for its users. Apart from sharing knowledgeable content and tips on how to work efficiently in these unprecedented times, they are helping companies all over the world to enable effective virtual communication with their employees.

In addition to that, they are offering free business development courses to help people navigate the impact of COVID-19.


Staying at home doesn’t mean you will keep slouching on your sofa for the entire day. We understand how tempting it feels to take a midday nap, but you need to incorporate some physical activities in your daily routine to stay healthy and fit. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sweat to a mix of running, strength, cycling, yoga, HIIT, stretching, and other workout types on the Peloton app. Since gyms have closed their doors for the protection of the community, Peloton has introduced its 90-day free subscription trial for new users. This initiative has made “Peloton” the best remote workout app.

Take your fitness game to the next level by availing the six-week free trial offer on Chris Hemsworth’s fitness website/ app (for iOS), Centr. 

On Centr, you can also get in touch with A-class nutritionists who planned his Thor diet plan. His overall diet and workout routine might seem intimidating, but this doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the Marvel superhero’s body yourself. 

So sign up on the app or visit the website to make the most of the deal.

Final Words

The outbreak has changed our lives — many businesses across the globe are trying to get comfortable in their WFH schedule. Apart from that, schools and colleges are being shut and events canceled, and we are all facing new challenges every day.

But staying at home doesn’t have to be that difficult. If you want, you can kill the boredom and learn a new skill at the comfort of your home. And to help you with the same, in this post, we discussed five free online services you should avail while you are quarantining.  

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