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5 Tips To Travel On A Budget

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Your soul is craving to go on a bike adventure, but your budget does not support this idea. We are often faced with this dilemma but don’t lose hope. Your adventure travel does not have to be an expensive one; all you need is smart planning. And to remain within the budget, you do not have to sleep in ditches and eat pot noodles to survive; it is the other way around. How? This is what we are going to explain in this article.

What Are Your Priorities?

First, you need to set your priorities in terms of comfort level. What you want an expensive and luxurious bike and ride around for a month or an affordable bike and get to ride for a year? It all depends on your preferences. Is your preference or notion of having a memorable trip revolve around the need to have a big, comfy bike, expensive restaurant meals, and hotels? Or you like to have a second-hand bike, camping and cooking your own meals? If the former is your preference, then get ready to spend $100 a day and for the second option $50 or less than a day.

You need to weigh your options and manage the level of your expectations. Do you really want a fancy ride, or would you like to invest in adventure?

Be Creative

Compromises have to be made, but it does not mean you get to survive on canned food or sleeping under a tarp. Let’s discuss the ways in which you can make your adventure travel both exciting and comfortable.

If you plan to stay in a nice hotel, then you can ask for a discount or bargain if you are good at it. You can also tempt the manager to lower the price by putting great photos or website upgrades for the owner.

For the meal, if you are craving for steak, instead of going for a restaurant meal, buy a piece of filet mignon and cook it yourself. This will reduce your cost, and you have a delicious dinner.

Travel On A Budget, How to Travel On A Budget, affordable bike, Adventure traveling, having a memorable tripTravel At A Steady Pace

By traveling slowly, we mean, spend most of the time exploring rather than racing around the region. If you choose to travel slowly, then you get to spend less on gas and accommodation and get to see more and relish the places you are visiting. Adventure traveling is all about enjoying and experiencing cultures. So you need to travel slow and see more.

Cheat Currencies

If you are tight on budget, then you need to think where you are planning to go on an adventure. Some areas are expensive as compared to others. You need to do a bit of paperwork and decide which place falls within your budget. Also, the place you will visit will decide whether you can afford to splurge on good hotels, restaurants or you have to go camping and cook your own meal.

Be Prepared

When we do last-minute planning, we tend to make some irrational decisions because of stress and pressure. So to avoid it, plan ahead as much as possible. If you are carrying along with your camping or riding gear, then it is much likely for you to spend your time more on camping then checking into hotels when the weather is not in your favor. Also, you need to get your bike checked for any faults to avert getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, search for a place where you can get it fixed and spend a fortune on getting it fixed. Prepare for everything as unexpected things can happen, and by having plan B, you can save yourself from a lot of headaches and expenses. Don’t forget to check on the political situations and borders of the specific region you are planning on visiting.

So what we conclude from all of this? You can enjoy your adventure travel when you plan it properly. You can spend as little as $15 or as much as, well, it depends on how you are going about it. But the main point is compromise, creativity, and traveling slow can make a huge impact on your budget. So you need to do your research properly and decide where you want to go and what you are comfortable with.

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