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5 Tips to Get Started at the Office 


The massive self-isolation of 2020 has created a new reality in which telecommuting is the norm. Many tech companies decided to keep it that way and did not return employees to their offices. But not everyone is ready for remote work yet and wants to return to the office. If you have time to get tired of the distance, then follow our instructions, which will help you get back into the office routine.

1. Restore the mode or create it

Coming into the office from a remote job is somewhat like coming back from vacation: you’ve forgotten what the regime is, what your colleagues look like, and where your mug stands. In order not to finally panic, we advise you to prepare for the first day in advance. A few days in advance, start to get up, go to bed and eat at the same time. It is advisable to choose those hours that coincide with your office schedule. When planning your future schedule, keep in mind that you will need time to get ready and travel, so you will have to get up earlier. You’re not likely to like it, but you’ll get used to it. In any case, your body will praise you for the observance of the regime for sure.

2. Plan the week

Task lists, plans, and schedules help you keep your tasks under control. Firstly, you will understand what you have to do. Secondly, crossing off completed tasks feels good. The main thing is not to get carried away with making a plan, or you won’t have time to start doing it. In order to control time and keep up with everything, use one of the six methods of time management: work for 25 minutes without breaks by the tomato method, or divide a large task into small ones by the elephant method. If you understand that the urge to update the feed in you is stronger than the motivation to work, install one of the apps that block procrastination.

3. Defend and respect boundaries

It takes a little more effort to protect your personal boundaries in the office than it does remotely. Now you can’t just turn off notifications in instant apps – colleagues will find you in the real world. There are two ways out of this situation. First: find a secluded place and hide from colleagues there. But it is better not to abuse this method and resort to it only when you need to perform a complex task that requires concentration. And even in this case, we advise you to warn your colleagues in advance that you will be unavailable to them for some time. The second option is more viable: explain to sudden colleagues that you cannot talk to them right now and that you will definitely come back later when you have finished your business. Try not to turn into someone who interferes with others’ work yourself. Put your phone on vibrate, talk quietly, monitor sound levels from headphones, and don’t eat smelly food in the workplace. This is especially true for those who work in open spaces.

4. Take your headphones with you

Not all colleagues can handle office etiquette. Be sure to find someone who will laugh loudly and not turn on silent mode on the phone, because he is afraid to miss the call of the most important client in the world. Be patient and buy good headphones with noise canceling. They will allow you to listen to your favorite music or the sounds of nature, not the conversations at the next table.

5. Keep things tidy

You’ll have a much more pleasant place to work in your office if everything is in its proper place. Try to keep the workplace clean and keep it from being overloaded with unnecessary documents, stickers and incomprehensible artifacts from corporate events. 

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