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5 Tips To Beat Winter Moving Blues In Canberra

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Canberra is well-known for being bitter cold in winter. What else can you expect from Australia’s capital city? Moving to a new home during the freezing temperatures and bad climatic conditions doubles the difficulty level.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t relocate during the winter season. How to manage winter moving with the least stress and maximum success?

Herein, we are suggesting you the 5 tips to battle the overall winter moving blues in Canberra and make a smooth transition to a new home:

1. Seek professional help

Moving in winter is not a joke as it may come with a lot of unpleasant surprises such as bad weather or adverse climatic conditions. In such scenarios, the only way that can assure a successful relocation is to hire professional removalists in Canberra. Get more info on moving services. In Pinehurst? Check out movers in Pinehurst.

It’s a smart idea to move in winter as it’s a low-demand season for the moving agencies. But do check in with your movers a few days before the move as weather can be unpredictable in Canberra. This would apply even if the move is San Diego moving to LA.

Also, ask if they have some special arrangements to deal with unexpected weather during moving. Once you find a reliable moving company, set a date as per your comfort.

2. Check the weather

Winters in Canberra are very unpredictable. A sunny day could turn into a heavy rain or snowfall the next. Many local movers inform their clients in advance about bad weather conditions.  Keep a tab on the weather conditions to avoid any delays.

For instance, if rain is expected to arrive at the time of your moving day, rethink your choices, and act accordingly. Talk to your removal company about postponing your move in case of bad weather conditions in the current or the new location.

3. Service your personal vehicles before the move

For winter moving in Canberra,  check your personal cars for driving on long-distance relocation. Do yourself a favor and get complete service of your private vehicles to make sure every part is working properly.

Make your car ready for unpredictable weather conditions including icy roads, snow, rain, and below-zero weather conditions. Check the condition of tyres and inner air pressure. Moreover, stock up your car with essential items such as emergency kit, ice scrapers, wipers, shovel, blanket, salt, and an extra tyre.

4. Weatherproof packing supplies

Don’t make a mistake by considering summer and winter packing the same. There is an evident effect of low temperature on sensitive items. Some of the winter packing tips are:

  • Avoid packing liquid items in glass containers as a liquid can freeze and may break containers.
  • Cover furniture items with additional blankets or bubble wrap to protect their surfaces.
  • Sensitive electronics such as laptops or tablets must be well-insulated and extra-padded.
  • Fragile pieces can become more brittle in freezing temperatures, use weatherproof storage containers.
  • Keep your leafy companions in your car rather than in a moving truck.

Use weatherproof supplies such as plastic bins, sheets, blankets, plastic bags, plastic wrap, waterproof moving labels, and bubble wrap.

5. New house winter preparation

In case you are moving within the city, visit your new home beforehand to safeguard it from extreme winter conditions. Some of the new house winter preparation tricks are:

  • Make outside areas of new home snow and ice-free.
  • Check out all the utilities such as room furnace, water heater, water supply, taps, etc.
  • Warm-up indoors, by heavy floor carpeting.
  • Remove any alarming tree limbs around your house to avoid accidents.
  • Double-check all the gutters to avoid any clogging.
  • Insulate pipes to avoid bursting.

Don’t let these points skip off your mind else you may have to face non-stop teeth chattering and body shivering.

Wrap up

Winter moving in Canberra is not as tough as it sounds. With little planning, professional house movers, and following the preparation tips, it’s quite achievable.

Finally, good luck with your winter relocation! Do take a break during the moving journey to make a snowman, and release some moving stress at the same time.

Happy winter moving!

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