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5 Tips to Help You Start Your Own Website

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Most business owners understand how important a website is to the success of their business. This includes brick and mortar operations who do not necessarily conduct business on the web. With 97 percent of consumers reporting they use online searches to find the products and services they need, today’s business owner must possess an engaging and effective business website.

The five tips below provide a great guide for business owners planning a website for their business.

Clutter-Free Pages

When a potential customer visits your website they should be able to understand the information provided there. When there is too much information present on a website, the brain can overload and it may be difficult to retain information that is consumed.

Each page on your website should consist of a balance of text and images that are well-organized and present a clear, clutter-free display for your information. You might also want to leave social widgets such as Twitter feeds off of pages in order to prevent distracting visitors with information to which they have no interest.

Easy Navigation

It is suggested that new business websites contain no more than five tabs on their navigation menu. All tabs should be clearly marked and regardless of where on your site a visitor may land through there search efforts, it should be easy for them to find the home page of your business website.

Make Your Website Easy to Find

Your domain name should either include the name of your business or give a good description of what your business provides to customers. In some cases, it is a great idea to have multiple domains that lead to the same website.

One aspect of customer availability for your website is eliminating downtime. It is important to note that a static IP address will in most cases keep your website up and running more reliably than a dynamic IP address. The pros and cons of these IP address types should be carefully researched before a decision is made.

Be Mindful Of Speed

Nearly nine out of ten consumers taking part in a recent survey say that bugs on a website or app cause them to form a negative perception of a brand or company. Eighty-three percent of participants in the same study expressed that a website that moves too slowly will result in the same negative feelings. Finally, more than one in four of the survey respondents reported they will visit a competitor website when the website of the business they are visiting is too slow.

Provide A Call to Action

Every page on your website should encourage the visitor to take action. You want visitors to sign up for services, purchase a product, or download additional information. You should provide a clearly marked link or button to enable them to do so. The call to action you provide should be located high enough on the page so that visitors do not have to scroll down to see it.

Final Thoughts

A well-maintained and functional website is an absolute necessity in today’s highly competitive business world. Today’s consumer increasingly relies on information they find online to guide their purchasing decisions. The five tips above will provide you with a great start for your business website.

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