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5 Tips For Monitoring Your Network Effectively

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As more companies and individuals increase their online interactions, the need for effective network monitoring becomes more apparent. With an increasing number of IoT devices and systems connected to your network, networks and network monitoring have become more complex. Using active and passive methods of monitoring your network is crucial to the continued success of your business. Without the right tools of networking, your dream of success will remain a dream only. Intellifluence has good tips on influencer marketing.

1. Examine Your Hardware

Before you implement a network monitoring program, examine all of the hardware connected to your network. The hardware includes computers, routers, IoT devices, and security components. Check the connections to the hardware and ensure each is secure. If your devices are plugged into power strips with battery backups, examine the units to see if the batteries remain viable. A common mistake among administrators is to disregard the battery inspection, but since the batteries last around five years, it’s a good idea to perform frequent inspections.

2. Install a Fiber Tap

One passive method that enables you to monitor your network without interrupting traffic is a fiber tap. Without the need for patch cords, software, or a power source, fiber taps mimic the traffic traveling through your network nodes. By installing a tap at a specific location in the network, you can pull the signal from an optical fiber without interrupting the connection. Unlike some active methods, you do not have to deactivate the network before installing the tap. By examining the data copied to the monitor port by the tap, you can interpret any inconsistencies or problems with your traffic.

3. Perform Ping Tests

A strong network connection is essential for operating a successful business, and disruption or failure in the connection can lead to increased downtime, loss of revenue, and decreased customer satisfaction. The simplest way to check your network’s connection status is to perform ping tests. You can use network-monitoring software to send pings, or you can perform ping tests from the troubleshooting section of your operating system’s settings. By initiating frequent ping tests, you will ensure the connection between you and a client or customer is reliable and secure.

4. Send Alerts

When you use network monitoring software, you have access to an immense amount of data concerning your network’s performance. If any potential problems or threats arise, you need instant notification. One of the benefits of network monitoring software is the ability to send immediate alerts to an administrator and other qualified personnel. Unlike other security software, network monitoring sends alerts to you before a problem occurs. You will have time to solve problems proactively without shutting down your network. You can specify who the alerts are sent to and in what format they are sent. Most experts recommend using email and text alerts since they are the most common and accepted format for administrators and employees.

5. React in Real-Time

Premium network monitoring software includes a dashboard that you use to monitor all the activity on your network. You will have access to performance reports, security reports, storage limits, and several other features concerning your network’s status. If you use VoIP rather than standard lines for your telephones, you will want to know how much bandwidth the VoIP uses in your network. You can pull up your dashboard from a laptop or phone to instantly check your VoIP status. With the software’s dashboard, you can react instantly to initiate crucial changes to network before your business is affected. Although security software is another essential part of keeping your network functioning, it does not catch every threat. Network monitoring improves your security further by examining potential security threats in your traffic that a security program fails to recognize.

Your business depends on a reliable network to function successfully. With the addition of IoT technology and a massive increase in online activity, networks are more complicated and vulnerable than ever before. A significant disruption in the network can lead to customer mistrust and lower revenues. If you purchase a high-quality network monitoring program, you can make immediate improvements to your network and ensure your company’s continued success.

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