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5 Tips and Tricks to Get More Instagram Followers

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Instagram is a serious content-marketing app. New-age businesses that are looking forward to establishing a brand cannot ignore Instagram. For budding businesses, Instagram can become a serious platform to optimize their outreach and to build a loyal customer base.

However, many of you may have heard of buying Instagram followers. It can be an option but nothing is better than having organic (read real) followers. Purchased followers don’t stay for long.

Want to get more Instagram followers? It’s not impossible. All you need is resilience and proper guidance. An Instagram automation bot like JARVEE can help in addition to the tips below.  Or you can get more Instagram followers with SocialCaptain.

I am pinpointing five cool tips and tricks that can help you in increasing your Instagram followers at the earliest. Read on!

1. Go for longer captions

Uploading a high-quality image is not sufficient. If you’re trying to increase your Instagram followers, you have to add a long and descriptive caption. You need to write an engaging caption that not only describes the image you’ve uploaded but also tells a story.

Trust me when I say that today’s audiences love to read. Short captions containing 4 to 5 words don’t attract them anymore. The more you share with your followers, the better are the chances to build a relationship with them. Try to add a minimum of 65 to 70 words in each caption to get effective results.

2. Optimize your bio

You need to optimize your Instagram bio to reach out to more audiences. Make bio fun and interesting. Your bio should be keyword optimized. Don’t include excessive information in the bio section. Nobody wants to know what you like and dislike. Instead, optimize it with necessary information.

For example, you can include what you do and what your audiences can expect from your profile, in your bio. Remember, your bio is the 1st thing the potential followers will look at. So, make it attention-grabbing.

Also, don’t forget to add the URL to your website/ YouTube channel in this section. That way, you get better promotion.

3. Go for relevant hashtags

You need to use hashtags to get more Instagram followers. However, there are certain things you must keep in mind. Don’t use the same hashtags in every post of yours. Ditch those regular and dull hashtags for more creative and relevant hashtags.

Try mixing up the regular hashtags with some of your own. Make sure that the hashtags you’re using are capable of supporting your story. Hashtags can help you if you use, strategically.

4. Use IGTV

IGTV is a popular and effective medium and you need to use it. Irrespective of what your niche is, you can create videos and make an IGTV series. Trust me, you’ll get more attention than you have expected. You can upload daily/ weekly IGTV videos to tempt your target audiences.

Also, don’t forget to reply to the comments of your followers below each IGTV video. You can get many new insights from those comments and accordingly you can personalize your next IGTV video.

5. Remove unnecessary tags

There can be many unnecessary posts where you’ve been tagged in the past. It is okay if you didn’t focus on them before. However, now that you’re planning to build a community, you need to be more considerate. Remove such tags from your Instagram profile.

Final Thoughts

Before summing up, I want to tell you one thing. Growing your Instagram followers can be a tough job. Organic growth takes time. So, just hold on. Giving up is not an option. Also, let me know in the comments section if you found these tips useful.

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