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5 Surprising Benefits of Video Marketing to Your Business

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Video marketing is growing in popularity day by day because of its numerous benefits in boosting your marketing campaigns. In fact, in today’s competitive marketplace, your business must be in a position to adopt the current trending marketing strategies. And one of these is video marketing because it is key to telling your company’s story.

Best of all, if your marketing video is well created, it communicates your entire brand story to your customers. This emotionally bonds them with your business

Here are 5 surprising benefits of video marketing to your business:

1. Boosts Your Revenue

Sales videos have a high potential for impressing and attracting more customers to your business. This boosts your business’s sales which leads to higher profits in the long run. According to research by Aberdeen Group, marketers who use video marketing grow company revenue 49 percent faster than those who don’t.

Hence, video marketing is key to boosting your sales which in return leads to higher profits for your business.

2. Improves Your SEO Rankings

Marketing videos help in improving your website’s rankings on the search engines. Remember, the longer your website visitors stay on a page on your website. The higher your chances of ranking better on the search engines. This is one of the important Google ranking factors and is called the dwell time.

Moreover, according to Hub spot, 80% of marketers reveal that video marketing has increased the time their website visitors stay on their websites. And average internet users spend 88% more of their time on websites with videos. Best of all, according to HighIQ, websites with 2-minute videos have a longer dwell time than those without videos.

3. Boost Traffic to Your Website

Marketing videos from attracts many customers and potential customers to your website. This boosts a lot of traffic to your business website. According to a study from Aberdeen Group, businesses that use videos on their websites earn 41 percent more web traffic from searches than businesses without videos.

So, if you need to increase traffic on your business website, then you should embrace or incorporate marketing videos into your website.

4. Increases Conversions

Videos have a high potential of boosting your conversion rate. In fact, according to EyeView Digital, incorporating videos into your landing page increases your conversions by 86%. Moreover, business websites with videos have 27 percent more click-through rates. And 34 percent more web conversion rates than those without.

5. Boosts Your Email Campaign Success

Adding videos to your email marketing campaigns is powerful and boosts your success rate. For example, according to Syndacast, using only the word video in the subject lines of your marketing emails boosts your open rates by 19 percent. Your click-through rate by 65 percent and lowers your unsubscribe rate by 26 percent.

In addition to that, MarTech Advisor also reveals that adding videos to your emails can increase your click rates to 300 percent.

Embrace Video Marketing

Don’t be left behind, join the current wave of video marketing, and boost the success of your marketing campaigns. The good news is that wave. video can help you create high-quality videos for your business that your customers will love.

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