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5 Skills Recruiters and Managers Are Looking for in Candidates 

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Looking for a job is not the easiest thing for job seekers. Neither is looking for a candidate or an employee with certain values and skills. This is because you can never exactly know what recruiters are looking for.

That is why both job seekers and recruiters meet in places such as Executive Headhunter Montreal, which is one of the few places that connect job seekers and managers looking to interact and work together. 

If you are looking to get into your next career, here are some skills recruiters are looking for today;

Communication skills

This is one of the most crucial and the most essential skills recruiters are always looking for. Communication skills are not just about talking to your teammates and managers. It is about delivering a message in a way that is best understood as well as paying attention to what is being said to you.

Regardless of the business, verbal and written communication skills are always important to make sure smooth operations and that the company is running effectively. It is important to be able to take and listen to instructions and directions to work efficiently.


Recruiters are looking for employees who are able to make effective decisions on their own about some company’s matters. They are looking for people who can take charge and keep stressful and uncomfortable situations under control even when the managers are not there.

Even if you are not applying for a manager position, you need to learn decision-making skills when situations call for it. Unexpected things are bound to happen. And when they do, they do give a warning so you have to deal with them even when you are not ready for it. 

Team player

There are people who like to work on their own and they are at their best positions working as individuals. But recruiters are not just looking for another customer service attendant. They are not just looking for another employee. They are looking for leaders.

Someone, they can be sure that the company’s operations will be in good hands. And people like this know how to play their roles and work effectively with other employees in their own and other departments. They are looking for people who are self-motivated and ready to spread the same positive energy to their teammates. 

Leadership skills

You might not be applying for a position in the head of departments but recruits will pass you if they don’t find any leadership skills in your resume or during your interviews. Leaders are decision-makers, team players, and people who are able to take charge. 

You need to be able to motivate the team, find solutions to problems, make sound decisions, have the ability to assign and delegate work, be responsible, and set a good example to the rest of the team. 

Growth Mindset

If you care about your own personal and career growth, it is a good sign to recruiters as this is an indication that you will contribute greatly to the growth of the company. The ability to analyze a situation and take a logical and analytical approach is what managers are looking for.

Critical thinking, continuous learning, curiosity, flexibility to learn and work on different things, resilience, and dedication are just but some of the skills that show a growth mindset. You also need to be able to coach your fellow colleagues and share your ideas and knowledge to build the company. 

There is no trick to get your next job or get to that position you have been eyeing for a while. It only takes time and the willingness to learn and grow. Confidence and persistence are also key to “get there”.

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