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5 Simple Tips for Creating Content that Engages and Sells More

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You already heard in many marketing blogs or podcasts that ‘Content is king’, and in this article, we will go beyond the old jargon and explore how you find content ideas that connect with your audience. Everyone talks about high-quality content, and it can be subjective as what pleases one may not please another. However, the fact is that you need to know what your ideal client likes and what are its pain points to develop compelling content strategies.

For small and medium-sized companies, having an online and offline content strategy is the primary weapon for building a reputation and, consequently, a strong brand in the long term. If potential clients found in your blog the information they have been searching for on many websites and did not find it, the chances you have of them coming back, share with friends and purchase your product. That’s why content strategies are essential! 

However, producing quality content goes much further. It can impact the number of organic visits to your website, the volume of conversions from your store, your brand’s mention, and the increase in engagement.

However, we all know that finding themes and ideas may not be so easy. Therefore, we have listed some tips from sources that your company can explore, which can help you create solid content strategies.

Tips for Creating Content #1: Ask what your consumer wants to know

Sounds basic, but as you are too involved with your product and service, it is possible that you forgot what the primary questions, concerns, or doubts of your potential client are. Asking your audience what they want to know is an interesting and easy way to identify your content demands.

A handy feature to do this is the question sticker on Instagram Stories. Make room for people to send you questions there, answer and take advantage of the insights to create new content. Evolve Skateboards use that strategy quite well. After answering the questions, we still leave everything saved in the highlights. If the response is great, you can take a step further. In this question sticker on Instagram, the electric skateboard company asked the tips a rider would like to give to beginners. The users sent many suggestions that it become a Youtube video. 

Tips for Creating Content #2: Keep an eye on the competition

Certainly, your company has competitors. So, one way to know how much you can overcome them is to know what they produce. So, follow them on social media, sign up for newsletters and follow everything they do. This type of action should become part of your content planning routine.

Monitor your competitors is not only to know what they are doing but also to see what they are not doing and where there are gaps.

Tips for Creating Content #3: Attend (online) events in your industry

Events are always great sources of contacts and content. As things have changed in the last 12 months, we know that face-to-face events are rare, depending on where you are located. However, the amount of amazing virtual events has grown massively. Consider attending online events, creating connections with professionals in the same industry. Ask questions, interact, and connect with people who also participated in these online events. Make the most of them! 

Tips for Creating Content #4: Use free tools available online

Another way to have good ideas to include in your publications is to use content marketing tools. The internet is here to help us! Some good examples of these tools are Answer the Public and Google Trends. There you can find what people have been searching for about a specific keyword. 

Tips for Creating Content #5: Evaluate your company’s FAQ

Does your company receive many emails with frequently asked questions? If so, you can categorize the questions that generate the most demand and create posts on your website blog, for example.

Author Bio: Gabriela Damaceno is a journalist and digital content specialist at Evolve Skateboards.

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