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5 Screen Sharing Programs for Your Apple Devices

Screen Sharing programs

Screen Sharing Programs

Screen sharing software allows you to share your desktop screen for chatting, online meetings and conferences with other people. It is essentially a virtual web conferencing tool that works smoother and faster. It allows you to share what you have with other computers and mobile devices no matter which operating system they are using. Specifically, there are dozens of application software that help with screen sharing for apple devices, and we will share five of the best.

CircleHost Presentation Software

It is encrypted software that helps you share your screen with any mobile device. This makes it easier for you to make your presentations available to everyone easily. It is divided into three products the CircleHub, the CircleMobile and the CircleBox. The software runs on Wi- Fi and all OS, although internet connection is not necessary when screen sharing. A presenter may however choose to use the internet as a way to push content to their audience. The audience is however only limited to the content shared to them by their host. If one attempts to get out of the network and on to other websites, the presenter is notified and they can promptly get the person back on track.


This is a free to use software. It comes with a number of features. It works across a host of different platforms including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux, Windows and Android. This software is loved by many because it has more than 30 languages making it suitable for most countries that do not speak English exclusively. It allows you to choose to share videos and photos with your audience or go as far as sharing parts of your screen and some programs with them. It also supports chatting, whiteboard functionalities and file sharing.


Skype is a software that is used worldwide especially for video calls and chats. What many do not know is that it also allows you to share your screen. For a long time screen sharing was only available to people with a subscription. Today, however, Skype allows anyone, even those using free accounts to have access to this feature. It is VoIP software that allows you to: share files, make free calls, show caller ID, instant messaging, video calls, make group chats and even get into social media sites. Because most people already have the application installed, it only makes sense to use it as a screen sharing application as well.

Join Me is a free to use remote access software that offers computer remote access and allows you to message instantly. It provides you with hassle free and easy to use features when you are sharing your screen. It makes it easy for you to get on with your meetings. It also has VoIP features and allows you to invite up to 10 participants to share your screen. The free version of the software lets you transfer files, use the mobile app and share controls. You get up to four whiteboards.

Mingle View

Unlike most of the other free software in the market that keep pestering you to upgrade and buy certain features, mingle free is completely free. With this software, you can invite an unlimited number of people to share screens with you and you can host unlimited number of meetings. It does not require you to forward ports or configure a firewall, you do not have to install it on every device and it allows for secure peer- to- peer connection over SSL. However, it currently only supports windows application systems on the desktop.


This article was written by Jonathan Scott, a content marketer for The Circle Technology is an industry leader in business and educational screen sharing software.

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