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5 Reasons Your B2B Business Needs a Pinterest Account

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Pinterest, for long, has been undervalued by marketers while planning their digital marketing strategies.

As of September 2019, Pinterest had over 300 million active monthly users. This stat alone is proof of the high potential for advertising your business on the platform.

It’s not just a pinboard!

People associate Pinterest with wedding planning, home decorating and design inspiration, the reason why it is often referred to as the ‘idea platform’.

However, here’s a fact when approached with an open marketing mind, it’s a social networking platform where strategic thinking, data visualization and generation of ideas come to life. B2B marketers just need to step out of the stigma that ‘Pinterest is a simple bulletin board’ and start thinking of it as the company’s whiteboard.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are some solid reasons why you should have a Pinterest account for your B2B business:

1. High engagement value

Pinterest is everything visual. Research says human brains can read visuals at a much faster rate than only-text. The average time spent by a visitor per visit on Pinterest is a whopping 14.2 minutes. Just behind Facebook and Tumblr, Pinterest is third on user engagement level. Trust me, this high engagement value will help your business reach an entirely new level of success.

The high engagement of potential customers will also help you know if you are going wrong with your marketing strategy. There are a lot of analyzing tools that can assist you with this. You can conduct research on how well the audience likes the content you put up or the ways you try to engage with them. If you see at any point that the traffic on your website is reducing, it is time for you to change your strategy.

2. Helps you achieve your goals

59 percent of millennials have discovered products on Pinterest. That said, Pinterest presence can definitely help you explore new opportunities, new audiences, and ultimately help you achieve the desired goals. The high advertisement reach of Pinterest makes it an ideal platform for driving traffic to your website and strengthening your brand identity.

The platform is also ideal for delighting your existing customers with the kind of content they appreciate. This will strengthen your position as a brand that cares for its customers- a reputation that will help your business attract more customers. Read more:

3. The visual content helps customers associate with your business

B2B companies often shy away from Pinterest because they understand that their products are not visually appealing, or maybe they provide a service and haven’t given much thought to all of the different ways they can create relevant visual content.

If you’re providing a product or a service, you are impacting the lives of other people in some way. Think carefully about what impact your product or service has upon other people. Research about the other interests of your products’ buying personas. This will help you understand how these might translate visually.

Below are a few ideas to help you kickstart your Pinterest account:

  • Turn e-books into infographics.
  • Create quotes that resonate with your buyer personas.
  • Craft industry related stats into visuals.
  • Inform about industry influencers and news in creatives.
  • Research about your buyer personas’ interests and lifestyles and focus your boards around them.

Now, If you are wondering how you can make all these visuals in less effort, there are several tools available online to help you with this. For infographics, you can use Venngage; for quotes, Canva quote maker is best and for converting your stats into visuals, you can try Piktochart for free.

4. It helps you build a loyal customer base

With so many businesses out there, it is more difficult than ever to build a loyal customer base that will stick to your brand, irrespective of anything. Pinterest will be of great help to your business for creating a base of customers who will opt for the products or services your business has to offer.

Higher the quality of your content, the better will be your engagement with your customers, both existing and potential. The engagement will occur only if your content is relatable to your target audience, is relevant to the field of your business and has a great visual impact.

When you face tough times in the market, you can be assured that this group will stick with you because of the influence of your Pinterest content.

5. Discover what your audience loves

Pinterest can also help you discover trends. From marketing to fashion, from industry news to motivational quotes, you can discover what people love to share. You can follow your followers to see what makes them tick. This gives you an opportunity to understand what is trending at the moment and use this information to position your business’ offers and products.

Having a better understanding of your customers’ preferences will help you create a better marketing strategy which in turn will help attract more customers. Thus, it becomes essential for you to keep an eye out for the latest trends on Pinterest to get a firsthand experience of what kind of offers and content your customers would appreciate.

Thus, it is clear that having an account on Pinterest will give a positive boost to your business’ content marketing strategy and will help you reach a much larger customer base.

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