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5 Reasons Why Team Visibility is Essential For Growth and How to Achieve It

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Now more than ever before, it is essential to gain a comprehensive overview of your operations and human resources. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced business leaders to adapt to the new trends quickly and introduce new modes of operation that will keep their companies afloat throughout the pandemic. One of the crucial changes you need to make is how you approach employee management, team visibility, and scheduling.

Needless to say, improving team visibility on-site and remotely is nowadays paramount to business efficiency and productivity. From better project management to improved rostering and employee scheduling, all the way to keeping your employees and customers safe from COVID, there are many reasons why you might want to invest time and effort into boosting the visibility and transparency of your teams. Here are the five ways you can achieve this efficiently and effectively.

Monitoring projects and workflow

One of the first and obvious benefits of higher team visibility is that it automatically enhances the visibility of every project that every department is involved in throughout your organization. Project visibility is one of the most important pillars of productivity and efficiency in the new normal especially if you are working on a remote work business model partially or in full.

Whether your entire workforce is working remotely, or part of your workforce is at the office while the other part is remote, you need to ensure that your projects are visible and that people can see what other people are doing in every project. This type of project and workflow transparency will enable seamless collaboration between teams and entire departments in the digital realm, but it will also boost collaboration and efficiency on site.

Ensuring accountability and co-dependence

When people are working remotely, accountability is typically one of the first things to deteriorate next to productivity and communication. Even if your employees are still working at the office or on-site in general, the uncertainties brought on by the pandemic are impactful enough to cause disorder and disorganization within your ranks. If you are to keep running your business like a well-oiled machine, you need to know where your employees are, what they’re doing, which tasks are assigned to them, and more.

This creates a chain of accountability and a hierarchy for your work that will ensure that every activity is tracked and that everything is logged properly. Ultimately, this ensures that even if a mistake is made or if something goes awry, you will know exactly where the problem occurred, how it occurred, and why. With this information, you can take a step back, analyze the problem, and take a proactive approach to solve it while ensuring it doesn’t happen again.

What’s more, this ensures that you’ll keep building your company culture on trust, co-dependence, equality, and accountability.

Tracking attendance and time management

Attendance monitoring and time management are two complex tasks if you choose to do them manually, but when done right, they can give you a comprehensive overview of your entire organization. The information you pull from monitoring where your employees are and how they spend their time at work can be invaluable in helping you cut time to waste, streamline processes and projects, and assign the right people for every job.

That said, doing this manually can be almost impossible, which is why you should research the best time and attendance software to find the tools that have all the features you need in your specific industry. The software you use should allow for easy on-site and mobile clocking, real-time attendance management, automatic record-keeping, and more.

Assigning the right work to the right people

When you know where your people are and how they are spending their time on work-related activities, you have an easier time making the right rostering decisions as well. Now more than ever before it is important to pick the best people for every project and task to avoid time waste, improve efficiency and output, and most importantly, minimize the risk of contagion. This is why you need to improve team and employee visibility with the right tools so that you can plan every shift and every work roster in a smart and sustainable way.

Minimizing the risk of COVID-19 infection

Finally and most importantly for the current situation businesses around the world are facing, you need to improve team visibility in order to help keep employees and customers safe from COVID-19. Using the right employee management software allows you to monitor your workflow and see where and when your employees are coming into contact with their colleagues and customers.

This way, you can identify times during the day where people are needlessly bumping into each other, or when your employees are more exposed to the virus. You can use this information to rework your shifts so that your employees don’t crowd together, and you can better optimize the workflow so that people are able to maintain social distancing and stay safe.

Wrapping up

Ensuring business growth during the times of the COVID-19 crisis is difficult, but far from impossible. By improving the visibility of your teams, you will gain a bird’s eye view of your entire operation and thus make better decisions that will improve efficiency, productivity, and safety across the board.

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