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5 Reasons ADUs Are Becoming Popular, And Not Just In California

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Accessory Dwelling Units are becoming more and more popular in America. But why? What is it about these small, secondary dwellings that have people so interested? This article will explore five reasons ADUs are becoming popular nationwide. We’ll also examine some benefits of having an ADU on your property. So if you’re thinking of adding one to your home, read on!

In California, the popularity of ADUs is primarily due to the state’s affordable housing crisis. In many cities and towns, renting or buying a traditional home has become prohibitively expensive for middle- and low-income families. This has led to a surge in demand for ADUs, which are often much more affordable than traditional homes.

But California is not the only state where ADUs are becoming popular. They are gaining popularity all across the country. Here are five reasons why:

1. ADUs are easier to build than traditional homes

In most cases, ADUs are much easier to build than traditional homes. This is because they are often smaller and have more straightforward designs. As a result, they can be made faster and usually cost less to build than traditional homes. Pedram Zohrevand, President of CES4, states, “Accessory Dwelling Units are a great way for homeowners to add more living space without having to move.” As an expert on civil engineering, Pedram Zohrevand believes that ADUs are an investment worth making.

In addition to being easier and cheaper to build, ADUs are also easier to get approved by local governments. This is because they are typically seen as a less intrusive addition to a neighborhood than a traditional home.

2. ADUs are more affordable

As previously mentioned, one of the main reasons people are interested in ADUs is because they are often much more affordable than traditional homes. This is especially true in expensive housing markets like California, where the cost of a conventional home can be out of reach for many families.

ADUs can also be a more affordable option for people who want to age in place. For example, older adults may want to downsize from their family home but still want to maintain independence. An ADU can provide them with the perfect solution.

3. ADUs offer more flexibility

Another reason people are interested in ADUs is that they offer more flexibility than traditional homes. For example, you can use an ADU as a rental unit, an office, a workshop, or a primary residence. This flexibility appeals to many people, especially those working from home or with families with older children.

An ADU can also be an excellent option for people who want to live in a multi-generational household. For example, you could have your parents or grandparents living in the ADU while maintaining your privacy in the main house.

4. ADUs can increase the value of your property

Because ADUs are in high demand, they can increase the value of your property. This is especially true if you live in an area where ADUs are not yet familiar. Adding an ADU to your property can make it more valuable and attractive to potential buyers.

If you’re considering selling your property in the future, an ADU can also be a great selling point. Buyers are often interested in properties that have the potential to generate rental income. So if you have an ADU on your property, it could appeal to potential buyers more.

5. ADUs can provide rental income

If you rent out your ADU, you can earn rental income from it. This is a great way to offset the costs of owning an ADU and can even help you make a profit. 

Of course, you’ll need to ensure that your ADU meets all the requirements for rental properties. But if it does, you could start earning extra income from it.


If you’re considering adding an ADU to your property, there are many reasons to do so. From the potential for additional income to the added flexibility in design, ADUs offer several benefits that are sure to appeal to a wide range of homeowners. So if you’re thinking about adding an ADU to your home, consider all the potential benefits before making your final decision.

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