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5 Quick Tips for Finding the Right House in the UK

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Finding the right type of house is a tough task, as you have to carry your hopes and the rationality of the practical utility of a home. Your concern for yourself and your family should get satisfied with whatever property wins your final choice.

Let’s shed light on some useful tips that can make it easier for anyone, including the first time home buyer to find your dream home.

1. Finalize a location with 3-factor formula

You cannot keep wandering from one location to the other with an unclear mind. It will only intensify your stress. You need to finalize a location where you want to buy a house.

Use the 3-factor formula to detect the most suitable spot for you –

  1. Proximity to prime facilities like hospitals, transportation such as metro station, shopping malls, connectivity to the city center, etc. is necessary.
  2. The house should not be at a congested place, as that obstructs the cross ventilation and proper availability of adequate light. 
  3. The commercial buildings, on such properties, should not surround the building; it is difficult to get a mortgage.

2. Ensure the feasibility of property viewing after COVID–19

Yes, as we all know how drastically things have changed after the dominating presence of covid-19. Every activity is under restrictions, and we can do everything but with specific measures for precaution. The property market is also down but trying to get back to normalcy through preventive steps on property viewing.

After a considerable time spent as barren land, property buying is gaining pace again. People now can go to visit the houses. However, not all locations are open for this activity. Before you finalize a place, you need to see if it is free for the viewing or not. Contact the local agent and ensure if your preferred spot is inaction or not.

3. Check the geographical health

Many factors come in this one point. It will help if you make sure that the geographical surroundings of the house are safe.

  • If you are planning to live on the outskirts, you need to make sure that the area around is not isolated. Usually, such locations have more green space than the one in the urban boundaries.
  • Also, check the quality of the soil. Some places have harmful chemicals, which may get mixed with the water. As a result, you and your family may have to face severe health issues.
  • There should be no encounter with wildlife.
  • If the house is in the middle of the city, the air quality should not be poor or hazardous for health.
  • The earthquake-prone zones should also be avoided.

4. Bargain on house price

Negotiation is an integral part of the human world. Whether we buy a school bag or a big house, we always bargain. However, you need to know how to do it, as this task is a kind of skill that you need to own.

The information you need to negotiate on house price is –

  • For how long the house is in the property listing. The recent houses are usually higher in price and those with presence from a long time are lower in price. If your choice is the latter one, it is easier to win the bargaining game.
  • Find out the purpose of the seller. If the property owner wants to sell the house due to some urgent reason like location switch due to career reasons, then you can get a lower price. It is smoother to convince the seller for a lower price.
  • How many agents are dealing in the same property? You need to pick the one that can be supportive to you in the bargain.

5. Get in harmony with financial needs

Here comes the most crucial part of the home buying process. It would be best if you are extra cautious on this part, as whether it is a big purchase or a small purchase, money is the ultimate fuel.

Invest your efforts on the following points –

  • Gather a considerable amount of deposit
  • Explore the mortgage options
  • Take professional help from a broker
  • If you are buying a second home, look for the best remortgage deals with no fees.
  • Manage to get a guarantor with a strong financial background
  • If possible generate some additional sources of income to qualify for the desired amount

Stronger you look on the part of repayment capacity, faster you can solve the financial concerns of property buying.

Eventually, you can say

All the above points should be under your scrutiny, as the big decision of home buying cannot afford a careless attitude. Do not take steps in haste because regretful choices may not give you a second choice. Currently, property decisions are difficult, but if you follow the basic rules of safe home buying, you can play safe.

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