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5 Proven Marketing Strategies for Any Healthcare Organization

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Healthcare organizations aim at improving and maintaining the health of individuals.  And they make these services available to a large number of people and communities. They save lives by offering medical and pharmaceutical services.

Healthcare organizations are vital. They need to create awareness for their products or services. The major way healthcare companies can get awareness is through marketing. Like every other business, the healthcare industry needs the best marketing strategies.

Marketing is necessary for every aspect of healthcare. Oftentimes, when people hear healthcare, they only think of conventional medicine. Yet, healthcare encompasses other medical approaches. One of these approaches is functional medicine.

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a type of unconventional medicine. It looks to maximize full body function. Also, it involves giving unique treatments to patients. Although it integrates traditional medicine, it also adopts other natural ways of treatment. This aspect of healthcare may not be popular, but there are functional medicine practitioners.

Who is a Functional Medicine Doctor?

A functional medicine doctor is a medical professional. They use special techniques to find out the reason for complex sicknesses. Also, they use a holistic approach and consider every possibility of an illness. With that said, let us proceed to healthcare marketing.

Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Healthcare marketing is an integral facet of medical business management. As it focuses on the advertising strategies for health organizations, it also aligns with the goals of the medical business as a whole. On top of that, healthcare marketing is also the main driver of the popularity of the more uncommon fields, such as functional medicine.

These marketing strategies will boost the public awareness of healthcare companies. It aims at helping medical organizations reach a wider audience.

Also, healthcare marketing creates channels of communication for organizations and patients. And it puts a medical company at the front of people’s minds. Below are some marketing strategies that healthcare organizations can use:

1. Use Social Media

Social media is a great strategy for healthcare organizations. With social media, healthcare companies can connect to a global audience. Also, social media is a great tool to create awareness for healthcare organizations with low recognition, like functional medicine companies.

Since functional medicine is not known to a larger population, social media can help get it across to a wider audience. Your brand can reach countries far away in an instant. A way of utilizing social media is by creating every possible social media account.

Create accounts for every social media platform. And update these accounts often with your products and services. Create interesting content to keep users engaged. From your content, they’ll get vital information about your company. Social media users are more for fun. Boring and serious content will not thrive.

You can put up videos of your patients doing something fun. Also, you can put up testimonies of your patients before and after. Share vital health tips and offer free virtual services and advice on occasions. Moreover, you can start contests and challenges with unique hashtags. When you always give value, you will gain people’s trust.

2. Take Advantage of Your Niche Audience

A great marketing strategy for healthcare businesses is connecting with a niche audience. You should relate to the niche audience and create personalized content for them. With this strategy, your target is narrower and more specific. To achieve this, you should be able to identify the particular niche community to reach per time.

Rare fields like functional medicine that haven’t gained much trust need to be more tactful. For instance, you run an advanced functional medicine company. You should focus on a niche. And your niche should already be included in your functional medicine business model. Let’s say your chosen niche is arthritis treatment.

You could share checklists of arthritis symptoms. As well as an awareness talk on how to manage the symptoms. Also, you can create the best functional medicine podcast on arthritis. With the proper medical business management skills, you can set this up.

This will be a target for arthritis patients. The patients will show great interest because it affects them personally. Try out different mediums and stick to the one that works best. If it proves successful, then extend it to other niches.

3. Develop Internal Marketing

Internal marketing has proven to be effective. It involves employee recommendations. Your employees can inform their friends and families about the company’s products.

The best type of marketing most times is word of mouth. Your employees’ friends, families, and acquaintances are more likely to show interest. The reason is that there is an existing relationship and trust.

This marketing strategy involves no cost at all. All you need to do is create a conducive working environment for your employees. Make your employees feel connected to the business. This will make them feel inclusive and see themselves as part of the company.

For uncommon practices like functional medicine, your employees will better explain your brand. They are at the forefront and experience it first hand.

For instance, you have 200 employees in your functional coaching academy. If they all advocate your business, that’s good marketing. When each person reaches out to 10 persons, you would have gotten 2,000 free potential customers!

4. Use Video Marketing

In this digital era, videos are the best form of evidence. And they are excellent marketing tools. It’s easier for people to trust videos than write-ups.

For sectors like functional medicine that are still gaining popularity, videos will be more impactful for marketing. Since people don’t know much about it, a video will better illustrate the brand and the industry.

Use videos to showcase your premises and the quality of your infrastructure. You can also use videos for virtual tours. Get an interesting tour guide to show people around online.

Videos are also excellent for patients’ testimony. Record testimonies that can appeal to people’s emotions. It could be a video about a child’s recovery process. This will stir up emotions and also attract customers.

5. Use Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people who have used their brand to build an audience. As a result, they have a high level of influence over their audience. Influencer marketing is ideal for ‘business to customer’ healthcare organizations.

Companies should target influencers who have more of an audience in their niche. Also, they should aim for influencers with a medical brand. A cancer survivor will be the best influencer for a cancer drug company and so on. Most of their audience will be cancer patients or relatives who want to get inspired.

Also, influencer marketing is ideal for the functional medicine field. Just one endorsement from a medical Influencer can create so much awareness for the field.

Healthcare companies should offer enticing incentives to influencers. Also, allowing creative freedom as to how they can endorse your brand is a huge plus in their books as well.


Healthcare organizations are important for the survival of mankind. Like every other business, they need to reach more prospects. This is because they need to improve health and save lives. And of course, make a profit.

They need very effective marketing strategies to stand out from other competitors. As such, they should try out as many marketing strategies as possible. Also, don’t forget that the healthcare sector is beyond conventional medicine. There are other alternatives like functional medicine. And they all need these strategies to function and make a profit.

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