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5 of the Best Mac Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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10% of all active computers are Macs. While that’s a small portion of the population, you might be part of it.

Are you tired of everything being PC-centric and would like to read something that’ll actually help you out with your Mac? Then you’re in luck.

Here are 5 of the best tips to speed up your Mac and make your life easier.

1. Make Sure Everything’s Updated

Are you guilty of clicking away whenever an update popup appears? Admit it; most of us do so.

But while it gives you temporary convenience, it’s just causing more issues for you in the long run.

Not only do these updates keep your computer safe from hackers, but it also optimizes its performance. So every time you click off those update popups, you’re just making life more difficult for yourself.

So the first thing you want to do is check the App Store. Click on “Updates” and then “Update All” if you want to just get everything done in one fell swoop. Otherwise, you can go through the list and select the programs you want updating now and save the rest for later.

After doing this, you should see the speed of your Mac pick up.

2. Check for Any Malware

If you’ve downloaded any malware, it may be operating in the background without you knowing. As a result, this can massively slow down your Mac. Not to mention it may put your sensitive information at risk as well.

It goes without saying that you need to have a robust antivirus program installed. But not just that; you need to keep it updated and perform regular scans.

In most cases, your antivirus should catch any malware before you accidentally download it. But sometimes, it does miss things. Later security patches may come out and have updated databases that will detect these files, so make sure you install immediately if possible.

Run a scan every once in a while just to make sure there’s nothing malicious creeping around in the background. If there is, remove it and you might see a speedup in your Mac.

3. Clear Your Caches

On all computers (whether it’s a PC or Mac), there’s something called caches. It’s considered your Mac’s short-term memory; it stores files in there from previously loaded websites so the next time you access them, they’ll load quicker.

While this is very handy, if you’ve had your Mac for years, then your caches are probably very full. When this happens, the caches can backfire and cause your Mac to work slower than usual. This is because it’s taking up a lot of precious space on your hard drive.

You can quickly clear up that space by using something like CCleaner. Not only will the program clear your browsers’ caches (which will be stuffed full of files), but it’ll also help free up your Mac’s cache to optimize its speed.

The best thing about CCleaner is it’s free to use. You can also get a premium (paid) version if you wish, but the free version is adequate enough for most people.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

This tip follows the same lines as the one from above. What you want to do is free up space on your Mac so the hard drive isn’t all full. The less free space it has, the slower it’ll operate.

Over time, you may have installed a bunch of programs and never used them again. Now, they’re just sitting on your Mac, taking up space unnecessarily.

Take some time to go through all your programs and uninstall anything you don’t use anymore. Even if you don’t think it’s much, you’d be surprised at how much free space you’ll have afterward.

All you have to do is look at your list of apps and delete them from there. You shouldn’t drag the apps to the trash can, as this will still leave behind unnecessary files.

5. Learn Shortcuts

This isn’t exactly a way to speed up your Mac directly, but rather, a way for you to speed up your usage of it.

If you don’t already know, there are several shortcuts available on the Mac. That way, you don’t have to go through the tedious motions of clicking several things before completing an action.

It may not seem like it takes much time and effort to do, but if you’re doing something labor-intensive, it can get annoying really quickly.

For example, if you need to cut and paste a lot of text across different programs, then that can take an excessive amount of steps to do if you don’t use shortcuts. But if you learn the shortcuts for copying and pasting on the Mac, then you’ll be zipping around in no time.

Copying and pasting is just the tip of the iceberg as well. There are plenty of other shortcuts. For instance, you can minimize your active window, open a new Finder window, cycle through the available windows, and more.

Speed up Your Mac With These Great Tips

Now that you have some pro tips for speed up your Mac, why don’t you start trying them out? You might find that a few of these tips will help greatly to improve your experience, especially if you’re tired of it taking forever to load things up.

Once you’ve figured out what will help your Mac, then you’ll have a smoother time working on it. Plus, you can tell all your friends so they think you’re some kind of computer guru.

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