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5 New Features Included in Microsoft Office 2019 Suite

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Microsoft Office 2019 Suite

Looking to get Office 2019? The Microsoft Office suite is one of the most popular software collections for professionals. The Microsoft Office Mobile apps have been specially designed in a manner similar to the computer software. Experience improved productivity with the Microsoft Office tools. With an innovative touch experience and the same old features, it is a must-have whether you are a business or a working professional.

Microsoft, the tech giant, is known for its new innovation and user-friendly products. While you would love the new products it has on offer, from the Surface Book to the Surface Studio, the one thing that most people can never forget is just how useful some of the Microsoft software is. Who doesn’t use Microsoft Word for one – even Mac users can’t ignore its utility.

5 New Features Included in Microsoft Office 2019 Suite

Here is a look at 5 new features included in Microsoft Office 2019 suite.

1. Advanced presentation features

PowerPoint has always been the go-to solution for any presentation. However, most people have “ditched” PowerPoint for more advanced presentation programs like Prezi.

Microsoft is seeking to regain some of its lost glory by unrolling more powerful and advanced features. Microsoft Office 2019 will incorporate more dynamic and sophisticated presentations like in Morph and Zoom.

Excel 2013, for instance, comes with many additions in terms of tools. The new program comes with the addition of the ‘Touch Mode’ Option. It also offers co-authoring with the help of Sky Drive along with the built-in sharing menu. Flash feature introduced in this version of Excel will help the user in many ways. The user can now keep an eye on what he has stored in his spreadsheet.

How does Zoom and Morph Work?

A morph transition will help you transit effectively from one slide to the next. Setting up a Morph transition is quite easy if you have at least two slides. You can duplicate a slide and move the object on the second slide to a different place. Moreover, you can copy paste it on the second slide. Consequently, you can apply the Morph transition, and your presentation won’t be like it used to be.

When it comes to the new Zoom feature, it will help how you arrange your slides. This can especially depend on the type of audience you are presenting to.

The features are going to give professionals, students, lecturers and everyone else a more convenient way of presenting their slides. Moreover, they will allow the audience to have a better understanding of the PowerPoint presentation.

Morph and Zoom are already available for consumers who are using Office 365 ProPlus. However, these features are not available for Microsoft Office 2016 and the previous versions.

2. Improved Inking

Microsoft Office 2019 will be a big advantage to many users. This is because they have introduced new inking functionality across all apps. They include a roaming pencil case, pressure sensitivity, tilt effects, thickness sensitivity, sensitivity angle of the pen and many others.

Microsoft Office 2019 has added a roaming pencil case. This feature makes it easy for you to track their various favorite digital pens, pencil highlighters, and brushes. This can be done across multiple apps and devices for users.

Office Word has received a bit more focus when it comes to these inking features. For instance, there is a new Focus mode which minimizes distractions once you draft a document. Moreover, you can access other updated options such as a darker theme, learning tools captions, text-to-speech capabilities, and audio description features.

Benefits of the new inking features

The various forms of linking features will give you a chance as a student or a professional to better your presentation. For instance, in PowerPoint, you can add ink marking on slides as you’re doing your presentation. This will give your audience a better chance to keep track and distinguish various things in your slide.

3. More Robust Data Analysis

Microsoft Office 2019 has decided to kick it a top-notch higher by improving Excel program. Most of the new features available on Office 2019 are already available on Office 365. They include:-

Custom visuals

They include features which were only available on Power BI. Some are word cloud, bullet charts, and speedometer.

  • Full SVG graphics.
  • 3D Models.
  • Insight feature on your data analysis.
  • Custom functions using JavaScript.
  • Power data query features which include parameters, conditional columns and new transformations.
  • Benefits of the powerful data analysis features

All these new features are bound to make your experience with Excel more exciting. The custom functions will give you a chance to complete complex mathematical or statistical problems. Therefore if you are a student or a businessman you can find great support because these Excel custom functions are JavaScript. This means you can run them on Windows, Mac and Excel Online.

You can create a custom function very easy. All you will need is JavaScript code which can be built by a JSON description handle Excel Integration. Thus if you work at an organization you can have multiple functions in a single file. However be keen not to name the same functions from the different sources.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that these new features are not compatible with the older versions of Microsoft Office. Thus the high likelihood of the new features undermining functionality of the model.

4. Smarter email

The Outlook program has not been left behind with new advanced features. You will get a chance to have the convenience of a better email management system.

Outlook is similar to Office Word because of new Focus Mode. It blocks out any distractions once you have drafted your content. Moreover, it moves your content front and center.

Here is a look at some of the new features on Outlook:-

  • Focused Inbox
  • @ mentions
  • Office 365 groups.
  • Travel package cards.
  • Updated contact cards.

Benefits of using a smarter email management system

  • Focus Inbox will give you a chance to move the less important emails. This will help streamline workflow and email drafting.
  • You can use @mention to tag interested people in your email. A student will get the chance to send his work to multiple people through the email. While an organization can tag all its employees with the new feature, there is more to love.
  • The contact cards have been revised. Thus, you can share your business information. It is very easy to create a contact card. All you will need is to choose a card layout and background. Then you can add the relevant graphics of your business. Lastly, you add the contact field which you would like on your business card.
  • However to use Office 365 you will need an Exchange online account. If you do not have one, then it will be futile to use the feature.

5. Enhanced Security and Streamlined administration

Office 2019 will use Click-to-Run as a way to broadband Microsoft updates to customers. Microsoft has always been relying on Windows Installer(MSI). The modern deployment of technology has incorporated the Click-to-Run option to advance functionality.

The first time C2R was deployed it was way back in Office 2013. It offers the same system management as MSI such as -volume activation, Group Policy management, administrative control over updates, and integration with management tools such as System Center Configuration Management. However, Office 2019 will more be advanced regarding functionality.

Benefits of the enhanced security and streamlined administration

  • The newer edition will now be an on-premises version in Office. This means that you will take less time to install Office.
  • The Click-to-Run option will give you a predictable monthly security update.
  • The software will always be up to date once it is installed.
  • This will be an easier path to upgrade to products which are available on Office 365.
  • There is no need for internet connection to access the feature.

However, the number of security features cannot be compared to those of Office 365. This is because Microsoft Office 2019 data is not connected to the cloud. The cloud offers real benefits in terms of security, ownership, and productivity.

So, if you are looking for more advanced security features, then Office 365 might be the best option.

One thing you should keep in mind is that Office Client applications will no longer be available in MSI format from 2019 onwards. But this does not mean that all previous products of earlier versions such as 2013 and 2016 will change. The only thing which will remain MSI is Office Server only.

Author: Eric Campbell



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