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5 Most Romantic Whisky Gift Sets for Valentine’s Day

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a happy relationship or a hopeless romantic—Valentine’s Day is Valentine’s Day and you ought to show some love. But while this day is a great excuse to do something extra-special for your loved one, you probably find the idea of setting up a romantic dinner or giving her a bunch of roses a bit too run-of-the-mill.

We get it—finding the right love language can be difficult—but not when there’s whisky! Here are the 5 most romantic whisky gift sets for Valentine’s Day to help you get your message across:

Premium Scotch Whisky Gift Set

This luxurious collection of Scottish single malts will surely give your lovey-dovey a special treat to hard-to-find scotch whiskies—including Glen Scotia Double Cask, The Arran Malt, Glasgow 1770 Original, The Ileach Cask Strength, and Auchentoshan, a limited edition that’s more than 21 years old! These various styles from the whisky regions of Scotland are contained in 30ml and 150ml bottles and come with tasting cards, which you can turn into special keepsakes once you have savored each flavor. And oh, this gift set also comes with a few single cask varieties, the most superior form of single malt! Imagine giving her all that in a beautifully finished gift box.

Penderyn Welsh Whisky Gift Set

Is your partner a budding whisky connoisseur? Then she’ll definitely love this unique collection. The Penderyn Welsh whisky gift set hails from the world-renowned Penderyn distillery in Wales and comes with a special edition from its “Icons of Wales” whisky series. Gift your loved one with this whisky gift set and let her delight in the different single malt styles from the distillery, each offering its own fascinating influence on color, taste, and aroma. This gift set contains Penderyn Sherrywood Dylan Thomas Limited Edition, Penderyn Legend, Penderyn Celt, Penderyn Madeira Finish, and Penderyn Myth, as well as a tasting mat to make a perfect place for arranging each malt.

Jack Daniel’s Holiday Countdown Calendar Gift

If your lovey-dovey is not a whisky lover, that’s not a problem. Valentine’s Day might just be your chance to let her sample different types of delicious whiskies! Why not kick off her whisky-drinking journey by giving her this Jack Daniels Holiday Countdown Calendar? A quirky spin on an Advent calendar, this gift set features a range of 50ml bottles of classic Jack Daniel flavors and a host of goodies she’ll surely enjoy, including four shot glasses! This whisky set from the United States offers different JD flavors, including Tennessee Honey, Tennessee Fire, Old No. 7, Single Barrel Select, Gentleman Jack, and Tennessee Rye.  No better way to start her whisky journey than this gift set, right?

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Dalmore Dominium Gift Box

Want to give her something extra special? Why not give her a Dalmore Dominium gift box? This gift set is as rare as a gem—its stocks are so limited they are normally only available through Duty-Free stores! This whisky gift set includes four whiskies matured in special Matusalem Sherry casks in Spain and is sure to give your loved one a spectacularly flavorful experience. If she has been drinking whisky for a while, she will certainly love the balance of its sweet and rich flavor. Imagine how these whiskies were matured in American oak bourbon barrels before going into casks and being kept there for at least 30 years! Packaged in an exquisitely designed box, the Dalmore Dominium Gift Box is definitely the bomb.

Isle of Arran Single Malt Whisky Gift Set

Another perfect gift for whisky connoisseurs, the Isle of Arran single malt whisky gift set includes five various styles of single malt made from the Isle of Arran, which was named the Scottish Distiller of the Year in 2020. This whisky gift set also comes with two premium-strength “Wood Finish Programme” malts, Machrie Moor, peated single malt, and the Arran Barrel Reserve single malt whisky. Aside from the whiskies, she will definitely love the whisky tasting mat that comes with the box. This tasting mat provides the perfect spot to place the single malt whiskies for tasting and is usually themed with a Scottish landscape or distillery scene. If she’s just starting to learn about whiskies, she would also love the tasting cards that come in every box, neatly presented in a pocket envelope and offering some detailed information about each bottle of whisky in the box. It’s so cute and informative she will surely opt to keep it as a keepsake!

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